David William Kirby


If we create our own reality then you may find mine within the words of my writing. If art reflects life then shouldn't it contain joy and grief, gain and loss, good and evil?
All those hidden depths we do not like on show, those parts of ourselves usually hidden away far from public sight.
Real art is sometimes obscene, Art is sometimes confusing, obtuse and obscure but it must also be full of light and happiness, great insight or intrguing puzzles; it must show us a way to look at ourselves more fully and understand what we see with greater clarity.

Over the years and years of my life I have put to paper what has moved me, what has opened my eyes, what has shocked me to the very core and what it is to be me. I was a very lost soul for much of those dark days, months and years and tried to shine a light into the darkness with artifacts of oblivion; still today my consciousness drifts between the fluid and fixed, the focused and obscure. I

t is open like the books I have created, Let's face it, I am no Dickens or Shakesphere,. But considering I was virtually illiterate when I left secondary education I've not done too bad.

It did not stop the pen from scribbling, not making much sense at times, and over time (with careful editing) a careful line has been drawn from 15 to 59. Give it a go, you may find the growth and progression stimulating; all it may cost is time.

Smashwords Interview

You have said you were virtually illiterate when you left school; how has this held you back as a writer?
Let's be clear, because of bullying and the lack of interesting stimulus at secondary school I did not attend. I squatted in an old house with two girls instead. This severely diminished my ability to seek and be accepted in further education. How sad, I hear you say, but no, I have celebrated this ever since. Because I was not conditioned by secondary school to obey, to not think critically. Because my creativity and analytic skills were not squashed by the 'work ethic' and conformity via peer pressure and other tactics of the state I am able to step out of this fake reality that we are programmed to accept and look at it critically.
Educating myself, through a love of non-fiction, I have discovered that university gradates I have come across during my interactions with state agencies, not all, seem to have a very narrow view of reality. Their spelling is atrocious and their ability to think critically totally dumbed down.
I'm not the first person to find that today's educational system focuses on memorizing statistics and repeating them back. This leads to lack of communicating skills, diminished enthusiasm, atrophy of the Peneal gland (a brain gland that opens our intuition and psychic abilities), lack of creativity and diminished CRITICAL THINKING.
Combine this with daily doses of fear relayed through the media every day and debt slavery from mortgages and tuition fees what if created?
It leads to a dumbed down population who haven't time to evaluate the crap fed to them via the media or the ability to think of a creative way to change things. We really are in an Orwellian nightmare which I foresee will lead to a third world war to cull the population and then create a fascist system. You don't believe me, well, it's written in stone in a lonely field in Georgia; USA.
So was I affected by the lack of secondary education, yes I was, and thank God. The views just expressed were not a result of internet conspiracy theories (which have become vastly popular in the 21st century due to mass disillusionment and greater psychic awareness), no, If you read my first book 'Before, Now and After' which was written when I was 15 years old; all these revelations were apparent to me back then. It was clumsily written and the spelling was bad, so I have revisited the text since, but the actual story remains unchanged essentially; it was that obvious back then. Secondary and further education would have conditioned that creative analysis out of my brain and I would not have been able to join the dots and step back to see the big picture.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I have to be INSPIRED to write. I've tried sitting there and forcing it but that does not work with me. I may not write a thing for a month and then a dream, a chance snippet of gossip, anything can get my brain milling over. Then I write my plan, normally in one or two hours, the whole story in little bits and pieces will come out. I will spend a few days thinking about the characters (starting with the main and then working out the others) and then the work begins. Once I have the plan I basically have the whole story and just need to write it in a narrative form. Editing is my most hated chore because I'm not good at it and I will revisit something sometime after I thought it was all as good as it could be and notice a spelling mistake. That pisses me off.
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