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Smashwords book reviews by Christie Ibarra

  • The Ghost Hunter on Jan. 15, 2011

    Ashley has moved to England after inheriting a pub from her dead aunt. She hopes to not only find answers about her dad’s disappearance, but also escape the current path her life is on. Upon arrival she realizes the pub is in need of some major TLC. Super sexy Cristian enters the scene and is persistent on trying to buy the building from her. Now she has to fight off his offers and the growing attraction she feels for him. Oh, and did I mention she also talks to ghosts, and the pub just happens to have plenty of them. It is never a dull moment in the life of protagonist Ashley Hunter. This book was really lots of fun. I enjoyed the protagonist’s snarky sense of humor. I’ve found myself saying her catch phrase, fanfreakingtastic, on more than one occasion. It’s contagious :) I loved all the paranormal characters this sleepy little English village had to offer. The lore that revolved around what Cristian actually is was quite fascinating. Nice pacing of the plot, and the characters were well developed. I enjoyed the author’s writing style and felt the novel had a very nice flow all around. The ending was open and left me feeling (hoping, dreaming maybe) that a sequel might be possible. I sure hope so! This is a world I’d love to visit again. If that isn’t enough this book offers not one, but two hotties with accents. I was swooning! The Ghost Hunter is a very enjoyable read. If you like ghost stories, hot boys with accents, and paranormal romance novels with action that isn’t restricted to between the sheets give The Ghost Hunter a try. The fact that this novel is self-published left me even more impressed by author Lori Brighton.
  • To Kill A Warlock on May 25, 2011

    Dulcie O’Neil is a Regulator working for the A.N.C (Association for Netherworld Creatures). This is a law enforcement agency that makes sure Netherworld creatures, which are living openly among the human race, are abiding by the laws in place. She also happens to be a fairy and a pretty badass one at that. When she isn’t working as a Regulator she spends time writing romance novels with the hopes of one day being able to retire from the A.N.C and write full time. In this series debut we follow Dulcie as she tries to track down a murderer that did an awful good job of make Dulcie look guilty of the crime he/she committed. My favorite part of this book was the wide variety of supernatural characters thrown into the mix. If you’re into hot supernatural guys you want to give this series a try. I’ve read the first two books in this series and still can’t pick a favorite. Dulcie is also such a fabulous main character and I adore her best friend Sam. The moments witnessed between the two of them were some of my favorites. It seems the female protags in UF books are usually seriously lacking the BFF department. I was so happy this wasn’t the case with Dulcie. The plot and pacing of To Kill a Warlock was very impressive. Sometimes smaller novels can feel rushed and the characters will lack the development I need to connect. This didn’t feel like an issue to me while reading. The dialogue was fun and I enjoyed Dulcie’s wit. She is a really fun character to spend time with. All in all H.P Mallory offers readers a wonderful and engaging Urban Fantasy debut. At just 99 cents for the e-book version this is a steal!
  • A Tale of Two Goblins on May 25, 2011

    SPOILERS for To Kill A Warlock (Dulcie O’Neil #1): A Tale of Two Goblins gets us back in the action with the much-loved fairy Dulcie O’Neil. At the end of To Kill A Warlock she left A.N.S (Association for Netherworld Creatures) because of the outcome of the last case she was working on. (Quill: Shame on you!) She agreed to the role of consultant when A.N.S. needs her. Hopefully this will give her time to deal with the emotional backlash triggered by the events of book 1. It also means more time to work on her novel. Acting Chief of Headquarters (& super hot Loki) ,Knight, approaches Dulcie about a case involving a possible Dreamstalker who has rendered several victims unconscious and trapped between a state of life and death. When Dulcie realizes she has a connection to almost all of the victims she becomes concerned it might be personal, and she quickly agrees to help. Over the course of the case Dulcie finds she has to make some tough choices to stay one step ahead of the Dreamstalker. The sophomore novel in this UF series is just as full of action and suspense as its predecessor. It also has the snark and wit I’ve come to associate with the sassy fairy, Dulcie. Events do take a darker turn when Dulcie makes some hard choices in order to save the victims of the Dreamstalker. It fit and gave the plot a nice amount of depth. No fluff here! She is still being pursued by some seriously hot guys and hasn’t dealt with her commitment issues (who can blame her!). I was thrilled that we got to know the men in Dulcie’s life a little better including the fascinating Bram. If you dig vampires, you will fall madly in love with him no doubt. Even after two books I still can’t decide who I think she should be with. I can’t even pick a favorite! They all have qualities that I need the romantic interest in books I read to possess. What a lucky fairy! Not only does this series contain great characters, but the author also offers up a solid plot with multiple twists and turns. This is a series that is going places! If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy I recommend giving Dulcie O’Neil’s world a try.