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Goldenlight is a receiver and transmitter, a “star channel” for the higher dimensions, including the Pleiadian and Angelic Councils of light. Her mission is to bring in information from the higher frequencies and Angelic realms and to create spiritually-inspired art to assist and uplift humanity during this time of great enlightenment and transition to the higher dimensions. Her website,, brings in higher frequency information for the Golden Age upon New Earth.

The Channel recently began receiving telepathic or “channeled” messages from the Angelic Realm via her Council of Angels, as well as from the Pleiadian Realm via the Pleiadian Council. This started occurring after a series of spiritual enlightenments and a reconnection to the Angelic and Pleiadian realm, during which time Goldenlight discovered her true soul purpose or soul mission to assist Earth during this time of great transition. She discovered that she is a “star channel” - one whose essence and mission on earth is to to be a receiver and transmitter of communications from higher dimensions and other galaxies. Goldenlight made an agreement before coming to Earth in this lifetime to assist humanity with ascension into the higher frequencies by bringing in messages of light from the Angelic, Pleiadian, and higher dimensional realms. Another part of her mission is to create spiritual art with embedded light codes that will raise the frequencies of those viewing this spiritually-inspired and divinely created “Lightworks” of art during this time of great enlightenment and transition to the higher dimensions. For more information, visit

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