Liam Hunter

Smashwords Interview

What do you enjoy most about writing?
To me, writing gives the same experience as reading. You get to experience things you would never get to live in real life. Only as a writer you get to take yourself on a trip, whereas readers get taken by the author. Writing is an opportunity to get out my head for a while; A way to stop the noise and stress of real life.
When I create a story, I include real experiences of my own into each and every story. So, as I write, I get to relive great memories while sharing them with someone else who will hopefully be entertained by them. Shutting out stress is just a perk. I often rewrite entire stories to give them fresh details and endings. Just a little fun fact of weirdness about me.
What do your fans mean to you?
As a person that has always been kinda shy and always felt, as if, I belonged in the background, I'm very uncomfortable with compliments and praise. Anything that brings attention my way is usually not something I reach for.
As a writer though, I have to say that the idea of fans is a great subject to ponder on. I would, of course, be grateful to anyone who appreciates what I do and the works I create. For me to be entertaining to another person makes me feel good. I would not put myself above anyone that calls themself a fan. They are actually more important than I am; The stories are written for them to read, not for me to write. So in reality I serve the fans, not the other way around. I would gladly look at myself as a servant.

The fans are my master.
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