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Me, myself and Iris
Hello and welcome to my creative indulgences of the literary kind ...

I conjured stories since I was a wee girl - growing up in the highest parts of the Alps, in lovely Austria - where the hills are alive with music. But I had an unusual start - growing up bilingual in a multi-cultural expat community that allowed for a very colourful and inspiring ambience. Both of my parents are established authors and artists in their own right: my father, a historian and publisher, my mum a poet and painter... so all the creative genepool got dumped on me - their one and only daughter.
Writing and creating other worlds was a natural extension of me and as we moved around a lot - being an only child - stories and books became my best friends. I was a nuisance in school with too many questions I wanted answers to, but all my teachers provided was 'rolling-eye syndrome', huffing and puffing and commenting my overactive imagination.
Lucky me, I can look back on a truly eclectic, quirky, adventerous, creative and downright exceptional life ... so far ... so good!

I dabbled in many professions when I was younger and was a restless soul: from journalist to editor; then as a graphic designer and illustrator, from photographer to waitress, to shopgirl ... and a detour into the corporate world that lasted about 20 years; mostly as a marketing, branding and communications consultant. I found out - quelle surprise - that there is a rather analytical brain in me for some unknown reason, that loves to find solutions, make businesses more authentic and improve stuff, this led me to working as a project director in ethical marketing and sustainability.
Also a passionate history buff, I adore all things derelict, crumbly and ... a tad mysterious!

At 19 I set out to conquer the world. First stop: USA, where I spent nearly 3 years working in the film industry and as a script developer. I have lived in so many places, I lost count after 40 cities, 7 countries and 3 continents. One of my most memorable travels however led me to a magical destination: I flew solo with Yeti airlines to the Kingdom of Mustang (yes, that's a real place far north in the Himalayas) but that's another story. I also spent many years in the realms of Ireland, crossed the Atlas mountains on foot with a mule called Basil and enjoyed a few years in France and Italy, before settling in the shires of England, and when I say 'settle' I really mean nomading around the length and breath of the Uk ... for I am still a restless soul.

I wrote my first proper poetry at age 9 and, to the delight of our principle, it won a prize and the whole school was featured in the local paper. My first stage play saw the light of day when I was 12 and I published my first eco-warrior article in the local paper at 13. For my sins, I also used to produce a range of very dark, angsty Zeitgeist poetry and surreal short stories for various anthologies and was part of 'The Pencil' - a Vienna based poetry club of the avant-garde kind... uhhh!

My first novel saw the light of day at age 23 - a druidic thriller - "The Foxes Game”, written in German initially and now translated in English. It received an immediate publishing offer by a reputable German publisher, alas my life took a sudden, rather dramatic turn and dragged me away from writing for many years.

From 1995 onwards, I became a slave to the corporate world and worked out of Dublin and London mostly, until the recession put a spanner in the works and so I took that as a sign and 'fled' to SW France - as one does - to focus on the unfinished manuscripts stashed away in various folders and finished my epic English debut novel in a remote medieval hilltown, which also features in the thriller. I now live in the UK again, which is home to me for the better part of 19 years.

Since then I have written a lot more disciplined and also illustrated some children's books; they will be added shortly to the list of ebooks soon to be published.
​Working on two further novels, a poetry book, another children's adventure and a historic rom-com mystery should keep me busy and out of trouble for the forseeable future!

"Divine Lineage" (my debut novel) I also converted to a screenplay, for a potential mini-series.

In 2018, a new addition of work emerged on my horizon and as I love collaborations, I now also assist other authors as a translator, creative muse, character, script and plot developer, historic researcher and general go-to muse.
So far I assisted with: a vampire novel, two sci-fi sagas, three autobiographies and some non-fiction ebooks.
Never a boring minute in my day!

Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
Oh boy that is a long list and motley crew: from the classics to modern literature: Jane Austen - Rilke - Arundhati Roy - Nicole Krauss - Stephen King - Barbara Harrshav and everything by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Being alive and having all these options at my fingertips, I am highly self motivated, always have been, and I have sooo many stories that want out!
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Divine Lineage
Price: $5.99 USD. Words: 92,490. Language: British English. Published: February 22, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Historical » Ancient, Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
Following in the tradition of Irving Wallace's The Word and Ken Follett's historic novels, Iris B. Willinger has created a suspenseful, epic thriller with *DIVINE LINEAGE* that spans three millenia and challenges the basis of society's most deeply held beliefs. The prophesy of Enoch foretells the revelation of the Divine Feminine, a knowledge and power undermined and extinguished for centuries.

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