John Hayden


I'm John, 47 yrs young and from Ireland. I'm a family man who loves writing and self expression. I have been writing since I was a young eighteen year old, when I versed my first poem. Since then I have wrote hundreds of poems.
Back in 2003 I was given enough time and space to get together the bones of a trilogy of books. Since then I could only ever find scant amounts of time to work on them. I am a passionate writer when I get going. This past year I have been allowed to indulge in my passion, as a result I see the fruits of my labour In January this year I published my first ever ebook 'Rogue Spirit'. That was a tremendous achievement for me personally. On the 13th April 2013 I published my second book 'A Throwback in Evolution'. This one I would regard as my best, both in the enjoyment of writing and the storyline. I have worked round the clock to bring a completion to this book, so I will take a break before I continue my quest to get the last book of the trilogy published.

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