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F.R.Maher began reading at the age of three and quickly outgrew childrens’ books. At a village jumble sale as a discerning eight year old, the fortunate find of a collection of short stories by H.P Lovecraft was a turning point, and an early education in just how thrilling story-telling can be.

Wanting to be an author, F. R. then got sidetracked by the tricky business of actually making a living.
Having been hijacked into being an artist, lecturer and film maker, F.R finally returned to that first love, writing.

The Last Changeling is an escape from the close confines of film budgets and a celebration of the kind of special effects no amount of money can buy - those created in the mind of the reader.

Smashwords Interview

What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The unexpected! Seriously, when you create fully rounded characters they tend to start dictating to you how they should behave, what they should say or do and WHEN they should say or do it! You start off as their creator and become their servant... occasionally I can wrangle them to do something, but there is always some extra kick that comes out of any encounter.
If you have created these characters, surely they can't surprise you? Really?
They can, and they do. I have taught creative writing classes and had this quizzical reaction before - and then seen that turn around into joy - and a look of utter shock on a student's face when they have the exact same thing happens to them! Even as I write, characters can reveal all sorts of secrets buried in their past... the joy of writing is that I am almost on as much of a voyage of discovery as my readers are.
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