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When I was younger, I never felt comfortable approaching girls. If I did somehow work up the courage to get close to them, I would develop this anxious, gut wrenching feeling as if my life was on the line for some reason. This would only get worse if I was in a social situation or the girls were really attractive.
I started doing karate at a very young age, and my dad (who was also my Sensei) was an internationally recognized karate champion. Whenever we would be around a karate related event, I would automatically get caught in his spotlight, which often resulted in me getting attention from girls. My father’s high status in the karate community would cause girls to be pre-attracted to me (with no effort on my part), and meeting girls was very easy.
I quickly discovered that when I had the opportunity to be one-on-one with a girl, seducing her was very easy. Not only did I no longer need to worry about the social pressures of potential rejection, but the fact that she'd already be attracted to me helped a great deal. I also noticed that entering social situations while being accompanied with girls, or being pre-selected, would get me attention from even more girls. It got to the point where they would aggressively fight over me, and drama would ensue.
Despite all that, my successes were not consistent. I had to find a way to generate my own attraction energy and seduce girls on my own terms. I had no control over which women I could attract, or if I did, it would be because of a unique situation such as being on a tropical vacation and hooking up with horny tourists, or being at parties where easy drunk chicks would throw themselves at me. I needed a strategy that I could apply anywhere at any time.
I used to be a visual effects artist for film, and part of my job was to develop scripts within a software program so that a particular effect or artistic look could be rolled out across multiple shots. I would import multiple elements such as film footage and CG renders into the script, and a final digitally composited image would be exported out. Although there would always be times when I’d have to develop custom solutions to solve specific problems, I would always strive to make the process as automated and efficient as possible.
When apps like Tinder and other dating websites started to become popular, I realized that my professional way of thinking could be applied across these platforms. If I could get multiple women to be attracted to me before actually meeting me, seducing them would be a breeze. After many failed attempts, I did just that. I quickly found myself plugging women into a 90-95% copy/pasted dialogue funnel.

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The Meetgrinder: Funnel Endless Women Into Your Life Using Tinder And Other Dating Platforms
Price: $9.99 USD. Words: 11,270. Language: English. Published: October 21, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Sex & Relationships  » Sex guides & how tos
The Meetgrinder is a pipeline. It is a carefully developed, efficient and easily duplicable dialogue funnel that you can customize and use to instantly make women feel attraction for you through mobile and online dating platforms. This book also covers topics such as texting, calling, meeting in person, inviting her to your place...and much more.

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