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Smashwords book reviews by Tom

  • The Creative Sponge on Sep. 10, 2011

    This book is somewhat unusual in that it is a philosophical thriller based on the idea of mind-body dualism; whether we percieve the world as it is or whether the mind is completely disconnected from the body. A gripping read, it follows Thomas Wilson, a uni graduate whom many of us can sympathise with, who is abducted by a strange organisation known solely as TGN. TGN's identity, in keeping with the tone of the book, remains a mystery. Many aspects of the book remain a mystery, including whether Thomas and a couple of characters are indeed people or merely figments of the other character's imaginations. Nonetheless, it is a very good read and a change from the romance fiction and misery memoirs that seem to make up the top-10 paperback lists today.
  • I Love You on Sep. 12, 2011

    A pleasant love story written as though it was a diary. The author seems to have a surprising knack for historical detail, compared to some (Dan Brown anyone?), with an ending that's sad but nonetheless surprising. The author captures the blossoming and sad demise of a lifelong relationship very well.