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K. H. Alynn is a recovering cynic and an ever hopeful romantic.

Smashwords Interview

What was the inspiration for Love and the Punk Rock Grrl?
There were probably many inspirations, but I think the biggest one was seeing a movie from the eighties called Smithereens. It's a wonderful film, but the protagonist—a young woman in the New York punk/new wave scene—is just soulless and unredeemable. I'm not saying that there weren't people like her, but it wasn't what punk rock—a very individualistic art form—meant to me. To me, it was almost the opposite. It was passionate and inspirational, and even romantic, in the literary sense of the word. Yes, the music expressed anger and rage and hopelessness, but the best songs—such as from groups like Black Flag and Bad Brains—were always about overcoming these feelings.

So, I wanted to create a character in response to the one in the film—a character that represented my experience with the music. And Rudi was born.

I'm also a sucker for stories about unexpected love—stories in which two characters have no business coming together but do so anyway because they simply have no choice. In fact, it's this very lack of choice that makes a love story so compelling—and the idea of bringing together a tough punk girl and a seemingly staid jock just fascinated me.
Would you categorize the series as paranormal?
I think it falls more in the realm of magic realism than paranormal. Paranormal stories typically center around otherworldly entities such as vampires, ghosts, and zombies, but my book is set firmly in the real world—with unexplainable phenomena that contribute to the plot as opposed to being the focus of it. It's more like the stories of Jorge Luis Borges, who actually plays an important role in the series.
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