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One of my favorite quotes says it all about me if you knew me: "When we handle ourselves, we use our head. When we handle others, we use our heart." I love this quote. I am logical and use my mind in my life, but I have a real heart to listen to and support others. I want others to do the same. That's why I finally, finally wrote my first book. It's a work of existential philosophy and you can agree or not agree, but it is MY beliefs.

Born in Vietnam, I'm not an American by birth, but I am an American citizen and I am very Americanized in my lifestyle, which doesn't always sit well with older members of my family. I don't exactly follow the beliefs of my family in regard to religion and even their beliefs around life after death. You'll have to read my book to understand this point.

I won't share much about myself here. Instead, I invite you to get to know me on Facebook first and then maybe in real life. I can tell you that I attended Cal State in Northridge and that I have a fun job at a casino now, and that I always wanted to write this book. It isn't long, but it is meaty!! I hope you enjoy it.

A little more about my life is in the pages of the book, too. That will be another reason for you to read it. I invite your comments and pen discussion on my Facebook page. You'll see that listed here on my profile. I'm new to social media, so be patient!! Thank you.

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