Fiona Macdonald


Fiona Macdonald was born in Melbourne, Australia, to British immigrant parents. Educated at Ruyton Girls' School, Kew, in Melbourne, she began studying at Deakin University to become a physical education teacher, but deferred her studies. She then worked in corporate group travel for 6 years, which progressed to working as a hotel conference and marketing manager for 4 years. Both of these careers were based on part-time hours due to contracting glandular fever at the age of twenty two. This turned into ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and she was ill for over twenty years. Eventually, after years of searching for the right medical assistance, she finally began to heal. She started a business in 2006 and is now running this from her home in Melbourne, Australia. It began as a dog walking business, but now has twenty five staff and is now also an animal actors agency for television and films. The website for her business is :


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