RW Krpoun


Born and raised in the icy wastelands of North Dakota, RW Krpoun joined the US Army, serving two enlistments before being honorably discharged in Fort Hood, Texas. Delighted to discover a land where snow was a novelty, he settled in Texas and took up a career in law enforcement, serving twenty-five years to date and counting. His service includes a Sheriff’s Office and two Municipal police agencies, as well as two enlistments in the Texas National Guard as a Criminal Investigator.

RW lives on lakeside acreage with his lovely and amazingly tolerant wife Ann, and a band of ill-mannered animals who are all highly photogenic. His hobbies include reading, history, various forms of shooting, collecting battle-ready examples of medieval weaponry, and learning to use such weapons.

With eight books published, his primary current project is the fifth book in the Phantom Badger series, the second book in the YGAT series, and an alternative history western. He is currently moving all his works to Amazon, in both E-book and paperback formats.

Smashwords Interview

Who are your favorite authors?
Tim Powers, William Gibson, Glen Cook, GRR Martin, Stephen Hunter, Stephen King, Elmore Leonard, Jack Vance, and myself.

I'm not suggesting I'm anywhere near the same league as those I listed before me; I just enjoy my own work.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Every day is a gift. After decades in police work and its never-ending litany of the dead, I am keenly aware that the opportunity to have another day is precious.

Plus my wife needs new shoes. Not as in 'her shoes are worn out', but NEW shoes. Pretty shoes. Different shoes. Footgear of all sorts.
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