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Lilac Moon Books publishes Thea Hutcheson, the author of a science fiction, fantasy, horror, and erotic short stories and a few novels; Theda Hudson, erotic author; and Linn Henderson, historical and time travel novelist.

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  • The Bikini Wedding on July 06, 2011

    This is a sweet Christian story that will appeal to young adults and adults. The characters are well drawn, the voice is distinct, and the story heartwarming and funny by turns.
  • Skin and Bone on Dec. 09, 2011
    (no rating)
    This is a lusciously drawn book. The images are stark and beautiful by turns. A very different book brought to life by a master storyteller. I want to see what tattoos she has.
  • The Magic of Fabulous on Dec. 25, 2011

    In this alternative world full of magic, Eva Farkas lives in Budapest on the eve of World War II. Her best friend, a powerful witch, leaves on a dangerous errand for the vampire master of Budapest, and Eva finds herself alone, with a young woman to care for in a world that is dangerous enough for the magical. With no explicit magic of her own, Eva must find a way to protect herself and her young, innocent charge, using only her own "magic of fabulous". The book is lush and Eva is a lively, brave, and precocious young Jewess with a perky and intimate voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the world building and worried for her as she made not only her way in this world, but found a way to strike a blow for herself and her people against literally monstrous Nazis.
  • A Day at the Unicorn Races (Short Story) on Dec. 25, 2011

    A bubbly, thoroughly enjoyable romantic fantasy by a master storyteller!