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Smashwords book reviews by Kaina

  • Oath of Servitude on Dec. 26, 2012

    Insanely original. That's what automatically pops into my head when thinking of Oath Of Servitude by C.E Wilson. With so many books using the same old plot it's refreshing to read about something completely different. Something like lets say Pixis. I absolutely loved Cailin, our main character. She was confident and stood up for herself even though she was only like a foot tall. She had this compelling quality to her that she would do anything for her family, even if it meant putting her own life on the line. Teague was very hard to warm up to at first, he would whine and act like he was helpless, when in fact, he wasn't. But as the novel progresses and we get more insight on his character I realized that there was so much more behind his actions. Now, I found it a bit strange that a stranger, in other words Cailin, could make him feel better when his father, a person he's known his whole life, could not. Also, at the end, after he had made so much progress, it frustrated me that he jumped right back to his old habits. The plot was like something I've never read about before. At times, it could get a bit slow and the mystery would make me want to shake the characters and yell "just tell me all your secrets!" But, that's one of the reasons I kept reading so, you can say I have a bit of a love/hate relashionship going on. On several occasions I found myself confused and had to re-read the same pages over and over to try to understand. Overall, Oath Of Servitude by C.E Wilson is a refreshing, quick and enjoyable novel. Recommended to those looking to take a break from the common YA and ready to dive head-first into an original paranormal read.