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  • Pandora's Key on June 01, 2012

    I received this book from the author through the Making Connections group on GoodReads. If you haven’t joined this group, go and do it right now!!! They offer tons of books you can read for free as long as you provide a review. Brilliant if you ask me! I really enjoyed reading this book and everything about it. Honestly, I did not know what to expect when I started reading “Pandora’s Key.” But, let me tell you that this book is happy, sad, exciting, romantic, scary and full of action! This book has everything to keep the reader turning pages like a mad person. The character of Evangeline is a strong female lead, especially for being barely 16. She faces things that seem impossible and has a hard time not asking questions. The great thing is that she never gives up her search for truth and hope. Evangeline wasn’t the only fantastic character. I would say all of the characters, even if they were barely in the story, gave off a definite sense of meaning and purpose. Even the nurses that tend to her mother were memorable. That is quite a feat you have accomplished there, Nancy Richardson Fischer! The plot was just… perfect. I don’t know what other word to describe it that would give it justice. The plot basically starts out with two stories. One is the story of Evangeline while the other is the story of a young man named Malledy. Both stories are so gripping separately, but when the characters collide it is impossible to stop reading “Pandora’s Key” after that. I want to say so much more but I don’t want to give away too much about the book. That is why my reviews are always short, sweet and to the point. I think anyone that enjoys a great work of Fiction, YA or not, should read “Pandora’s Key.” Just trust me on this one! Plus, it is only the 1st book in the Key Trilogy! I am very, very, very excited about the next two books. 5 stars because “Pandora’s Key” is a gift from the gods!
  • Underneath on Nov. 24, 2012

    Twisted. Demented. Bizarre. These are just a few words that pop into my head when trying to write a review for Underneath. Yes, that's right. My cup runneth over with adjectives to describe this novel. And yes, those words are a little scary. But there are also positive adjectives I could use. Mind-blowing. Thrilling. Brilliant. And if I could only pick 3 words to describe Underneath they would be: Timed to perfection. Ok, so let's talk characters in this novel. Of course, the star of the show is Hugh. Hugh has a bit of an anger management issue and tends to have a very short term memory. Throughout the novel, Hugh escalates more and more. Just when you think he can't go any farther he does. It makes this book a remarkable read. You think you know what's happening, then there it is. A reference to something you are pretty sure you remember being mentioned somewhere else. Perhaps the color of a car or the sound of someone laughing. That is my favorite thing about this novel. Cargill has weaved this story flawlessly. It is so interesting how small the world can be. And also how timing is everything. This book was pretty much the total opposite of what I am used to reading. However, I highly enjoyed it and definitely recommend it. It is a tad gritty for my taste but I enjoyed the writing of Cargill immensely. 5 stars to Underneath for making me look at other people and myself a little differently.
  • Ever Shade (A Dark Faerie Tale #1) on Dec. 17, 2012

    Ok, here is the deal. I saw Ever Shade offered on the Basically Books! Group on Goodreads. I thought I should try it because I love stories of Faeries. I thought, "Hey, I can't go wrong!" And you know what? I was right. Ever Shade was a fantastic read, full of memorable moments and characters that were believable. Shade was forced into dire circumstances after finding out she is in fact, half fae. I think Shade definitely triumphed over the adversity that the author, Alexia Purdy threw her way. Of course, the majority of Shade's success depended upon the secondary characters scattered throughout the novel. No matter how small the role a character seems to be playing, they still have extreme purpose. Maybe that is why I like Purdy's writing style so much. The story flowed so perfectly. Here is an excerpt from Ever Shade that I also used in a Teaser Tuesday because I loved it so much! "Brilliant green eyes shined in the dim light of the room piercing into her soul. She raked her eyes over his hair of vine and leaves. It was so long, it tumbled down his waste like tendrils of flowers. Would it hurt to pluck a leaf off the thin vines that draped him like a shroud and dangled over his shoulders?" Alexia Purdy seriously rocked my reading socks off. I was kind of in a slump for some weird reason and this book got me excited about reading again. I will definitely be reading the second book, Ever Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale #2) very soon. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. I wonder what other perils await Shade. I am also looking forward to finding out what happens between her and all the other characters! And I want to find out more about Shade's father! So many questions!! 4 stars to Ever Shade.