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  • A Sailor on the Sea of Humanity on March 18, 2011
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    It's hard to write a a story with a SF setting, chracter development, and conflict in 2500 words. This story winds up as a thought piece, not much different in narrative structure from an essay proposing the effects of permanent universal infertility. The World Without Us. Sidebar-- The movie on that theme noted that after a millennium the only evidence of man's having inhabited the earth would be the flag the astronauts planted on the moon! Back to the Captain's tale, though. Why did Buchanan chose such a long cycle of returns? Perhaps the infertility gene had slow but inexorable penetrance? Another carp- What happened to the dynamo of evolution? Could it have been stalled in some way by the INVIR? For millions of years? Peter Morgan (long-time Critter, still evolving)