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Tia Silverthorne Bach has been married to her college sweetheart for twenty years, has three beautiful girls, and adores living in the breathtaking state of Colorado. Her daughters were born in Chicago, San Diego, and Baltimore; and she feels fortunate to have called many places home. She believes in fairy tales and happy endings and is an avid reader and rabid grammar hound.

She is an award-winning, multi-genre author and an Editor for Indie Books Gone Wild. From an early age, she escaped into books and believes they can be the source of healing and strength. If she’s not writing, you can find her on the tennis court, at the movies, reading a good book, or spooning Jif peanut butter right out of the jar.

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War and Pieces - Frayed Fairy Tales (Season 1, Episode 1)
Pre-release—available April 24, 2017. Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 10,780. Language: English. Categories: Fiction » Fairy tales, Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were zombies… That’s how it all started. Authors have created a major problem with stories like Cinder, The Dark Queen, and Asleep, and it’s wreaking havoc here in Ever After. Our queens are fighting for their lives.
Chasing Forgiveness: A Tala Prophecy Companion Novella
Price: Free! Words: 26,770. Language: English. Published: February 2, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Paranormal, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Family
When terror strikes, forever altering your life, it doesn’t ask permission or forgiveness. Madeleine and Amélie’s quiet lives are ripped apart by a creature they never imagined could exist outside a horror story. Their mother is murdered, their father is missing, and the only safe haven is with a family full of secrets. They soon learn some choices can’t be undone.
Enchanted Souls (A Saint's Grove Novel)
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 52,750. Language: English. Published: October 21, 2016. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal, Fiction » Holiday » Halloween
A rare occurrence brings the planets into alignment, causing the seals that separate the universes to break. Lost souls search for home while two hearts that were shattered try to find their missing pieces.

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Latest book: By Way of Water. Published December 6, 2014.
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Latest book: Nautical Musings 2. Published June 11, 2012.
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Latest book: Gifts from a Muse. Published October 24, 2012.

Smashwords book reviews by Tia Silverthorne Bach

  • The Royal Sheikh on Feb. 11, 2012

    Beautiful scenery and an enjoyable romance are the basis for The Royal Sheikh. Clare McKay is focused on her career as an architect, working long hours and ignoring her personal life. A chance meeting brings Sheikh Rafiq Al Kahil into her life, and neither one of them can ignore the sparks. Rafiq is used to getting what he wants and thinks Clare will be no exception. He lures her in but is surprised by her commitment to her career and her initial refusal to give into him. He’s intrigued, but it’s more than that. Both Clare’s boss and best friend, Louise, caution her against falling hard and fast for the Playboy Prince, but she’s too far gone. The beautiful setting of Rafiq’s home country and his charm further cement her budding feelings. Rafiq and Clare dig in their heels when a series of misunderstandings occur. The reader sees two strong-willed people fighting the overwhelming feelings taking over. Rafiq isn’t just a playboy, he’s a son with lots of responsibility who has been burned one too many times by people looking out for their own needs. At times, I wanted Clare to be stronger, play hard to get a little more. But I appreciated Clare’s stand in the end; it proved the Sheikh’s worth and commitment while also strengthening her character. The Royal Sheikh doesn’t really stray from the romance novel formula, but it’s a quick read and engaging story. For those who love a romantic tale with interesting lead characters, pick up The Royal Sheikh and prepare to be swept away. Rating: 3.5 stars Note: I’m being a bit nit-picky with my 3.5 versus 4, but there were some sections with awkward dialogue and prose that kept me from committing to a full 4 (although it will show as a 4 on Amazon, thanks to rounding up).
  • Bookended By Beauty Queens on March 14, 2012

    "A journey rich in emotions and characters." Can you imagine growing up sandwiched between beauty queen sisters? Angie learned to define herself by intelligence and toughness as the middle of three girls, especially since her older and younger sisters were beauty queens. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Angie’s built a fence around her life, determined to keep out any entanglements. No men, no friends. Then her grandmother moves in after her home is devastated by a fire, she meets a drag queen on the subway, and an unexpected man catches her eye. The walls she’s so carefully built start tumbling down. Every time I thought I had figured out where this book was going, it took a turn. I say this as a compliment. I was invested in the characters, particularly Angie and her grandmother, but just when I feared it would get tired or follow a too-obvious path, something unexpected would happen. The author does an excellent job weaving many story elements into a fine fabric of action, romance, courtroom drama, social issues, and female relationships. There’s a little something for everyone. I commend the author for taking on the controversial subject matter. Don’t be worried about preaching, though. The story focuses on the journey to opening up your heart. Overall, the quality of the writing outweighed the grammar and punctuation errors I found. The more I read this book, the more I liked the multi-layered story and complex characters. Don’t make up your mind too soon in the story. Let your heart be your guide. Note: I received a complimentary copy for review purposes. The opinion expressed is my own.
  • Lust on the Rocks on March 27, 2012

    Samantha is a focused career woman angling to make partner, and Vic is a man bent on revenge. They come together with a combined goal, and heat and desire soon follow. Steamy love scenes and sexy scenery abound. Thanks to the title, I expected sexy and steamy, and I was not disappointed. What I did not expect were such well-developed and interesting characters. There is nothing one-dimensional about this story. The author builds the main characters by showing us their other relationships. Vic and his family were devastated by loss, one that defines the man he is now. Then there’s Samantha and her college-aged sister, Jessica. A story within a story is created when Jessica shows up on Samantha’s doorstep pregnant and not sure what to do. I must admit… I hope there’s a story involving Jessica in the author’s pipeline. She’s young and damaged, but strong. However, I can see where readers could part ways on the pro-life versus pro-choice debate that ensues, even though I thought both sides were represented. A guilty pleasure with the bonus of character development, I highly recommend it to readers who appreciate both romantic heat and story. Those readers who prefer a more straight-forward and light romance novel might need to skim through the moments of heavier material. Note: I received a complimentary copy for review purposes. A positive review was not requested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own.