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Tifanne Messer (1979- ) has always had a love of books. She learned to read at the young age of four. Since then, she has never been far from a book. She developed her love for writing early on, as well. She enjoyed writing stories for school and ultimately began writing for writing's sake. She has dabbled with poetry and written many short stories over the years.

In 2011, she entered the NaNoWriMo. The deadline was just what she needed to finally finish a novel. She devoted the entire month of November to writing this, her first full length novel.

With every book she read, she dreamed of seeing her own name on the front cover of a book. When the economy tanked, and jobs became few and far between, she decided it was time to pursue her dream.

Personal Anecdotes: The story behind the story is the very reason why 'Child Eater' starts off in a dream. I was repeatedly having the same nightmare, night after night, week after week. As NaNoWriMo approached, the nightmare intensified. I decided that the only way I was going to stop the nightmare was to develop it. Throughout the course of writing 'Child Eater' I was plagued with dreams and nightmares that molded and guided the story line. When I say, "I followed my dreams and wrote my first novel," it is both literal and metaphorical.

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