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  • The Moon Dwellers on July 27, 2012

    This is an impossible to put down, roller coaster of a book. It is romantic, action packed, funny, romantic, heart warming, did I mention romantic? This book was amazing. I felt like an adrenaline fiend reading this book- always looking forward to the next exciting action scene. Then there’s the romance, it is one of the predominant themes in this book but it is done in such a realistic classy way. I enjoyed how their connection was presented and where that one look leads them both. So this story revolves around Adele and Tristan. Adele a girl who, like many others, has been unjustly incarcerated by a corrupt government. Tristan is a the son of the president (or should I say King?) who is nothing like his father and the next in line to rule. They both have two things in common: 1) They are trying to recover from loses in life that left them hollow. 2) They have this crazy connection they don’t even understand. This story is told in first person POV and the narration alternates between Adele and Tristan. They are both strong relatable characters; It was easy to understand them and connect to them. I think this was a nice addition to the dystopian category. Estes did a great job of setting a believable scenario. It was clearly well thought out and even his simile’s reflected it. One of my favorites being, “Waiting for the man is as boring as watching rocks being eroded by the flow of an underground stream.” So if I haven’t stressed this enough, I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to the sequel. It’s one I would definitely recommend.
  • Wolf Pear on Nov. 07, 2012

    With a novel like this it is apparent to me why your writing has won so many awards, Dianne. I absolutely love this novel. It is captivating, enthralling, has great pacing, relatable narrators, intrigue, suspense and an amazing storyline. Wolf Pear has two narrators: Esther and JD. *Esther is someone who has been emotionally abused all of her life. She is just a fat waste of space that will never amount to anything as far as her family is concerned. She tries to live her life in spite of their abuse and has done well for herself. Yet all they do is belittle her achievements and point out all of her wrongs. They walk all over her and she rarely stands up for herself. But even with all of this, she is a strong person and I loved that about her. I love the survivor in her and her strength and perseverance. She is truly a great person who is lonely and in need of love. *JD is an accomplished police officer who is on "vacation" after his brothers death. However this vacation is actually his journey to track down his brother's killer. He is determined to find this person and bring him to justice. He is gifted and pulls off Sherlock Holmes like scenes. He puts things together that no one else sees. It is exciting and pretty darn impressive. He also has a troubled past that he can't remember but begins to have flashbacks of it on this journey. It becomes pretty clear that these two are going to meet. The reader is anticipating this and unsure as to what will happen when they do. At the end of it all, it is pretty great but not at all what I was expecting. Uhum... Allow me to correct myself. It did not end the way I wanted it to. It was a happily ever after just not of the flower and hearts variety that the romantic in me was hoping for. Wolf Pear has left me impressed and yearning to read more of Gray's work. It is a novel anyone can enjoy. It has its action, comedy, drama, paranormal appearances and suspense. Gray keeps you tethered to this novel. When not in your hands it will be on your mind. This is truly an amazing read. *I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review