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Tim Reynolds was born in 1982, in a town called Saratoga Springs, NY. A Navy brat, he moved between there and Connecticut several times before settling in Oklahoma. Some say that he bathes in the blood of virginal maidens to keep his youthful, pale appearance. In truth, he just never goes outside.

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  • Doll Baby on Jan. 04, 2013

    This was a fun story, very creative and well thought out. It is surprisingly focused for a large short story/novelette, which makes it a quicker read than its size would suggest. The characters were well defined, if not entirely deep. The villain especially - much like the story, she grows increasingly entertaining as time goes on. While not a weighty story (it's actually quite silly at times, but a fun silly), the constant presence of social anomie turns what would otherwise be a villain's throwaway MO into a consistent theme Well edited, too.