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Timothy Shaw has lead a not so ordinary life. Growing up in his family's travel business, he soon had a passport full of exotic foreign stamps. Having started working at age nine, it was not a great leap that he displayed the same hard work ethic when he joined the Springfield High School theater program, where to this day there is an award bearing his name. Following graduation he had two major choices; a full scholarship to the Ringling Brothers/Barnum Bailey Clown College or join the military in order to pay for college. He opted for the clown job and joined the Army. During his stint in the US Army, Timothy served as a German linguist stationed in what was once known as West Berlin. As it happens, likely due almost entirely to his fine work, peace broke out, the Wall fell and the two Germanies re-united. This effectively put him out of a job but he thought it lucky, as most soldiers these days don't seem to have that kind of luxury. In the years following, between Berlin and his present home of Tacoma, WA he has held a number of different jobs in an equal different number of fields. Although he published a number of poems in national publications over the years, even a play or two; it was not until 2011 while working his current position as a Visual Interpreter for the blind for a community college that he thought to take up the challenge of actually writing a novel. His first novel, written for the National Novel Writing Month in November 2011, was approximately fifty thousand words. The following year saw a second novel in the series coming in at about double that. As The third novel in what has turned into a series has just been completed but has not yet been published.

Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book was a stretch, in an attempt to follow up my first book, which ended with the Apocalypse. So, a tough twist was called for when coming up with the story line so as to keep my core cast of characters, erm, alive.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
To be completely and painfully honest, I would LOVE to be an author in the traditional sense. Thing is, it is incredibly difficult to get an agent, let alone a traditional publisher to take on an unknown author. One of my favorite authors was David Gemmell. I would read interviews with him about his work. He looked at it as just that, work. He never missed a dead-line, he had set work hours and did what writers do; he wrote. I admired that.
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