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Smashwords book reviews by Tina Rolfe

  • The Other Boyfriend on July 31, 2010

    What a great read this is! I love Sarah and her crazy scheme to get the man she loves (misguided as she is)! So, when are they making the movie? Highly recommend this book ... oh, and the thing I like the most is that the main character is not some model type with perfect looks; she's a woman like me, and many others - heading for 40 and looking at middle age with trepidation, but not giving up on her dreams :-) Go, girl!
  • The Soul Bearers on Oct. 05, 2010

    I read Sylvia's other novel "The Other Boyfriend", which was a romantic comedy and I wasn't sure what to expect of "The Soul Bearers". I have to say I was not disappointed and this was a totally different genre, too. The story was absolutely beautiful and very inspirational; teaching us that there is always hope in the face of adversity - not matter how bad things get. Anyone who loves stories where courage overcomes difficulties and where unconditional love wins the day won't be dissapointed. When I finished reading this book I was crying tear of joy, but also tears of "what might have been". I was uplifted and inspired. Highly recommended read.