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  • Element of Life on Aug. 13, 2014

    Wow, this is by far the best free story I've read (in this category). I am a huge fan of weird fiction and here I found the epitome of it. This story really got me emotionally involved until I reached this line: "“It’s dirty. Period.” Sais Brock."" THIS! turned me into a hyena on the inside, as I was laughing so hard (even though I wasn't really supposed to) that I remained breathless (It was a silent laugh though... That's why "the hyena" is on the inside XD ) And by the way, leaving the pitch-black humor aside, the message behind this insanity is really impressive actually. Although I'm not into this 'new thought' thing, I really appreciate the way the message is "enveloped". I find it really unique to combine horror with inspirational stuff, but as long as it is entertaining, I guess anything goes, right? Final thought: Although this is a marvelous and super-unique story, here is one thing that could be better (and I mean a LOT better). It's the cover. Seriously, it is way too simple and pain. The story is too good to be represented by such a cover.