Tom De Zeeuw


Tom de Zeeuw began his career over 20 years ago in the Netherlands, working in the banking industry. He progressed from the banking industry into the field of IT, focusing in the area of telecommunication.

While he was successful in his chosen career, Tom had dreams of becoming an online entrepreneur. After spending thousands of dollars on ebooks, courses, and reports on how to become successful as an Internet marketer, he realized that getting rich online is not as easy as all of the guru's claim.

So, in an effort to provide quality information to consumers on how to make money online, Tom founded eBooks One in 2008, a company with an entirely new approach to ebooks. eBooks One offers premium choice books and is "Your Gateway to a Good Life."

Tom guarantees his books as he wants to give his customers well researched, content rich material that exceeds their expectations. Currently, the company specializes in Internet marketing ebooks, with plans to expand into other areas in the coming year.

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