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  • Legends - Family Stories and Myths on Oct. 01, 2012
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    I enjoyed reading short book very much. The author offers each anecdote in its own chapter, which make this book perfect for times when you may only have a few minutes here and there to sneak a read. Using examples from her own family research, the author demonstrates that family stories can run the gamut from being very accurate accounts to stories with no basis in reality. The vast majority fall somewhere in between - a kernel of truth to a story that has been embellished as it has been passed down through the generations. She shows how using research and accessing available records, you can discover and verify the true story behind the tales. This is a fun read and a good reminder that just because your beloved old Aunt Agatha believes she is telling the truth about an ancestor's experience (after all, it's what she was told), doesn't mean that it actually happened that way.