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Tommy Dixon is a lifelong fan of comic books, Star Wars, and all things Halloween. A former backpacker, and now an Englsih tutor, he has a scar at the top of his nose that itches whenever the weather is about to change.

If you say his name five times into a mirror, he will appear behind you. But he'll be invisible, and won't say anything. He's like that.

SPOOKY McARBOROUGH is his first book.

Smashwords Interview

What are you working on next?
A new story, set in the same universe as Spooky McArborough. It's not exactly a sequel, but does have some of the same characters.
It's hopefully the same mix of mystery, comedy, horror and fantasy that I used in the first book. In Spooky McArborough, there was someone who knew about Magic coming into the Magic world. The next one is about someone Normal with no idea about Magic suddenly thrust into a very strange, and dangerous, place.
I'm having fun writing the villains too, they're really very nasty.
Who are your favorite authors?
That's a long list, so I'll go for the ones I can think of first. There's a few comic and TV writers in there too.
Neil Gaiman, Jeff Smith, Mike Mignola, Kate Atkinson, SF Said, Alan Moore, Christopher Brookmyre, Philip Pullman, Gail Simone, Graham Linehan, Clive Barker, JK Rowling, Richard Stark, Diana Wynne Jones, Ian Rankin...I'll stop, or I'll run out of space.
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Twitter: @TMMYDXN


Spooky McArborough
You set the price! Words: 65,930. Language: English. Published: December 3, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Paranormal, Fiction » Young adult or teen » Fantasy
Lisa ‘Spooky’ McArborough, the only member of her family unable to use Magic, has a problem. Her family love to annoy her. But when the monster that killed Lisa’s parents returns, they bring Lisa to the Magic world. There she meets her bodyguard, a violent detective with his own mysteries. SPOOKY McARBOROUGH is a book about Magic, a comedy full of killing, and a horror story with heart.

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