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We've dedicated our books in bringing awareness to the exploitation, abuse, and neglect of children. If we've in some small way, saved just one child from the life that Tommy Kaos lived, we've succeeded in our mission! And REMEMBER.....LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN!!!!! THEY ARE THE FUTURE!!!

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The Life and Times of Tommy Kaos "Raising Hell"
My name is Tommy Kaos, and this is my story I’ve been called a lot of names throughout this life; The events are real. It was a very rough life by any normal standards, but it was what it was. I’m telling my story the only way I know how… Raw, Dirty and Gritty just like I lived and breathed it. I landed in the life that the roll of the proverbial dice gave me is all I can figure. I’m still trying to figure it out to this day. It’s been a bumpy ride, but most of all, very Kaotic.

The Life and Times of Tommy Kaos "Raising Hell"
An exhilarating trip through a world of bikers,sex, drugs rock and roll. Tommy was born into a life of desperation and crime. His only saving grace, his grandfather, Henry. His mother,a six foot amazon was a drunk and a biker whore and she was incredibly cruel and violent. Tommy learned his way the only way he could, through odd jobs thievery and selling drugs.You can’t help but to root for the kid. With abuse from his mother he snapped. So,Tommy became Tommy Kaos.


Key West or Bust: A Modern Day Bonni and Klide
Price: Free! Words: 22,100. Language: English. Published: October 12, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » True Crime » Murder
Klide, a sixteen-year-old who's been abused all his life, and now is in love with his soulmate, Bonni. He'd move heaven and earth to make her happy. He takes on a journey that no two teenagers would ever dare. Bonni's a fifteen-years-old who's been sexually abused and no has found love. Klide her best friend and the only one who truly understands her. She claims her unconditional love for Klide,

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