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  • Inside the Skull of David Priest on March 07, 2012

    A fantastic, narcissistic romp through a day of a bad boy all young men will want to be and all young women will want to bed.! Eighty Six cuts through the crap of customer expectations of who the service staff in any nice establishment is. Mindless, smiling, get-your-money's-worth slackers ,sucking up for tips is not David Priest. Priest knows his power, has found his niche, takes no prisoners. A assumption that readers will find this profile refreshing is well founded and unexpected. Who gives a damn about those who come to you with a purpose to smooth your little or big event? You will spend a ton of your hard-earned entertainment dollars or not. And you will remember if some snotty server ruins your experience. How 'bout if you knew she or he was functionally baked to just get it on with the night, make it through, insulated so you can't tough them. What then? Would you tip more? Would you walk out? Eighty Six knows how you are and uses this information to make a living on his terms. Great!