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Smashwords book reviews by Tony

  • Faith! on July 21, 2021

    I read this originally years ago. It is really short. It is for conservative Christians. It shows one definition of faith. The book can be boiled down to the statement that you must act upon your faith to be saved.
  • Earth Reset - The Beginning on July 22, 2021

    Nick is at work when a natural disaster is announced. He calls his wife, Ann, to pick up groceries quickly. He rushes to prepare as best he can. By evening, they think they are ready. That night, the electricity, water and heat are all knocked out. The next day, Nick treats is like any blackout. Over the next days, they start running out of water. Ann has to take care of her old parents. She brings them home with her, and they run out of food faster. Nick and his friends try to break into a grocery store, but it has already been broken in, and the men there fight for their rights. One of Nick’s friends dies. Nick comes up with other ways to get food and water using what is available around him. There is a lot of detail about how to solve specific problems that come up in similar situations.
  • Outerspace TV Cartoons Book 2 on July 22, 2021
    (no rating)
    The images are too small in my nook reader. I can't read the text. Changing the font does nothing.
  • The Christmas Village on July 22, 2021

    This is a short story. Sara is shopping for the next piece in a Christmas Village set. She plans to meet the artist at its unveiling. Then her plans are disrupted.
  • The Hench Woman's Handbook on July 22, 2021

    The formatting isn’t good. You have to read it to tell where the forward ends and story begins, and the same is true for the end. A young woman walks into a bar. She wants to start of life of crime. The story is unlikely. It is organized by a step by step process to be a villain. Without giving characters names, it is harder to keep track of them. Put the dialog at the start of a paragraph for more impact. Use single quotes for a quote within a quote.