Tony Rabig


Tony Rabig is a former bookseller, librarian, computer programmer, and teacher. He has written book reviews, articles for librarians, and (now that he's retired and the family won't miss any meals or mortgage payments) is now working on fiction. Several of his short stories are now available at Smashwords, Amazon's Kindle store, and at other ebook retailers; a novel is planned for fall 2011.


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Smashwords book reviews by Tony Rabig

  • The World Where Wishes Worked on March 06, 2011

    First ran across this story umpteen years ago (believe in a paperback original anthology called Protostars, or possibly another called Generations), and never forgot it. It's a delightful short-short with a helluva setup and an even better punchline; if you want a fast, funny read, grab this one immediately.