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Controversial dog writer, Louise Louis created the website to help people understand and care for small dogs and to be an advocate for responsible pet ownership.

Unlike many dog writers who fear offending customers and losing business, Ms. Louis has managed to outrage animal rights groups such as PETA and HSUS with her support for dog breeding and dog ownership.

At the same time, she’s annoyed establishment groups such as the American Kennel Club with her support for pit bull breed bans and recognition of crossbreds.

“It’s sad that neither the establishment nor the animal rights people care about the average dog owner,” she said. "A perfect example is the lack of support for the Fairness to Pet Owners Act in Congress. The Act would require veterinarians to provide prescriptions and the option to get medications some place (cheaper) than through the veterinarian.

“The AKC isn’t lobbying for it because it would offend the veterinarian groups. PETA and HSUS aren’t lobbying for it because they have no interest in helping or promoting pet ownership. The result is a bill that could curb the explosion in veterinary costs is stalled in Congress.“

For more of her view or to learn more about small dogs and their care at her website:

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