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  • Dirty Little Angels on Dec. 04, 2010

    A story about an underprivileged 16-year old girl and the tragedy surrounding her family and friends. This book was an easy read. The character development was adequate at best. It was a story in which you wanted to pull for the heroine, but didn't know her well enough to really care. It rambled from one scene to another with not much holding the "meat" together. Drugs, murder, fighting, trading sex for "favors". I kept looking for some moral or for someone in this story to "rise above" their peers. Unfortunately, it was a book in which there were never any consequences for bad behavior. I would hope that the only people who read this are adults whom already have their set morals and ethics in place. Kind of an entertaining read, but don't expect anything "deep". It could have really been a fabulous story, but in 157 pages, it just couldn't happen. ( )