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Smashwords book reviews by Tracy

  • Fire Burns on July 18, 2013

    The first few chapters of this book had me wanting to turn the pages faster, i really wanted to know what was happening to Cassie. The relationship between Cassie and Luke was weird!! (I cant really word it any other way). Draven was what you call a 'unforgiven', he was good looking, sweet and protective but ...... Aahhhh you will have to read the book ;-) Cole was the opposite of Draven, Cole was very bad boyish, he had secrets (lots!!) i really cant decide which one i would choose hehe ;-) ok Draven would win hands down :-). Zilla (Cassie's bff) was great, so funny and the way they both shared all their 'secrets' with each other was like a bond that goes further than just being best friends. The 'special powers' that these people had made a very interesting read and unlike anything ive read before, i really enjoyed the ups and downs of this book. There are alot of things that need answers but I'm hoping they will be revealed in the next book.....maybe?!? Overall i really liked this book and the characters (some of them!), the author wrote the book in a way that i was really drawn into the story :-) I was given this book in exchange for an honest review
  • The Mating Call on July 19, 2013

    Ok where to start......from the first chapter Samantha and Lucian were attracted to each other! I thought ok we got a hot and steamy book to read here ;-) then i got further into the book and realised i got it wrong! The book is wrote in third person and i found that i had to get used to that as i have always read books from characters POVs, so it was abit confusing at first but i got over it! I felt the story was abit rushed and it didnt really have much character background, i would of loved to have found out more about Samantha and Lucian's characters. There was an instant attraction between Samantha and Lucian (definatly a sexual one!!), even made me blush at places! Although i found the intimate moments were very quick and straight down to it!! I dont know why Samantha had to say Lucian's name so much, i love an alpha male as much as others but it even started to grate on my nerves. This book did have a great storyline, it just lacked detail for me and raced to the end to quick. It was a fast read and i didnt dislike it so its 3 stars from me :-) I was given this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP)
  • In Too Deep on July 25, 2013

    Wow, omg, i loved, loved, loved this book! It was a great story and sizzling, steamy HOT!! I just had to devour this book in one sitting, i couldnt stop myself! This book threw you straight into the action and alot of different characters, at first i thought omg so many different "others", but each and everyone of them got explained (not in a boring way) so i knew who was what and what they was capable of!! Fallon was a bad ass druid, full of tatts and piercings, with a very independent streak, i liked her from the start, she is a no nonsense kinda girl. She come with plenty of emotional stuff but Brody sorted that ;-) Ooohhh Brody Dean, your typical sexy werewolf, only different to me as he didnt go all alpha on Fallon like most would ;-) eeek how much can i gush about him without it sounding like i want a Brody to myself, ok 'i want a Brody' hehe. I liked all the other characters in the book (to many to name them all) except Dacia, she was just a jealous b!*#h. This book was full of all different kinds of 'others'.... Druid, wereanimals, faerie, shaman just to name a few. This story was so fast paced and i was hooked from the first chapter, i wanted to scream through the first half of the book with the will they, wont they?!? Lets not forget about the storyline other than the bits that made me flush! I thought it was very original and fully entertained me, (glued to it allday). I would highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a paranormal with the romance and action, plus hot males hehe. Brandy L Rivers wrote an excellent book and i cant wait to read more of her books, im totally hooked :-) I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review (LoP)