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Tracy Johnson has lived all over the place from Mauritius to Manhattan. She writes and photographs travel and foodie pieces from everywhere she goes and in 2008 started a travel company in Salta, tucked up in the Andes of Argentina because her BF at the time said she couldn't.
Her landscape shot of the puna "Orbit" has been selected for the International Fine Art Exhibition.
She studied psychology and in 2006 took life coaching training in London mostly because of a fascination with personality and relationship which now works its way into her fiction.
We all want to live happily ever after but there are so few books depicting what sex and love are truly like.
Tracy was a professional dancer, touring the world before she was 20 and she really did appear as a "Pink Chiquita" in the film of the same name.
She would love to hear reader's thought on Twitter. @lasttangobook

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