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Tracy R. Atkins has been a technology aficionado since a young age, proclaiming with lighthearted glee that it began when he first saw DOS in kindergarten. By fifteen, Tracy had already written and sold software, as well ran a pre-internet era bulletin board system, which put many residents of his home town of Madison, WV online for the first time. At the age of eighteen, he played a critical role in an internet startup, cutting his tech-teeth during the dot-com boom. After the bust, Tracy hit the books and graduated college at the top of his class with a degree in Business Information Systems. Throughout his fifteen year career, he has earned numerous professional level tech-industry certifications, which he pursued out of a misguided sense of fun.

As a man whose life is intertwined with technology, he has not let it define him. That same sense of fun and exploration that propelled his career has also driven his desire to live life to the fullest. Tracy’s interests have run the gamut from writing, traveling, and attempting to set a record by eating a cheeseburger the size of his head, to bringing home a World Champion trophy for his car stereo. His interests may be eclectic but at the core, Tracy is a family man first, with four wonderful children and a supportive wife. All of these multi-faceted experiences coalesce in his writing, creating interesting stories full of excited wonder and humanity.

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  • Twice as Bright on Feb. 21, 2013

    Twice as Bright is a wonderful short story that only takes a few moments to read, but will leave you thinking afterwards. Time really does seem to flow faster as life goes on, and when we are constrained by it, we become creative with what we have left. Though the characters of the story are delightfully ambiguous in the story, the reasoning is clear and interesting. Tightly written, this is well worth your time, especially as a bed-time story to ponder for a while.