Bridget Trafford


Who is Bridget Trafford? No one knows least of all the writer. She has been a student, a hippy, an entrepreneur, businesswoman and counsellor but always a writer. Poetry first. Then short stories. Between the short stories and the novels she studied meditation, past life regression and shamanism and back in Cumbria she wrote The Rogue hamster, an alternative handbook for change. Still completely undermined by the enormity of a full length novel she undertook a short channeled work called Heaven Can Wait. And then along came Kevin the Rat and insisted on being incorporated and changing it to A Rat's Tail. She began the second novel, Blood Brothers and knew it was a series and The Circular Scrolls was born.She has been married, divorced and separated. She has one daughter, Alexandra. She loves the grasslands of East Africa and the plains of North America, sunshine, animals, food and books. She believes in freedom of thought, inner guidance, balance and change. And is still working at them all!She likes switching between humour, poetic prose, philosophical debate, astral travel and the exploration of alternate realities. She likes literature that is poignant, humorous, arresting and thought-provoking. She supports no religion but that of hope and belief. "I believe in circles - the end is also the beginningI believe I am the architect of my own fateI believe in rainbows"


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