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Marilyn Moss, was born, in 1944, and raised on the beach of Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii. Marilyn moved from the islands in 1968 (The Summer of Love) to San Francisco, CA and spent the next 22 years in the food industry working in hotels, restaurants, and self employment across the US from San Francisco to the New York Catskills.

In 1986 she went into emergency medicine and became a northern CA paramedic and 911 responder.

In 1998 Marilyn wrote a book and popular continuing education program for paramedics, firefighters, and emergency room personnel entitled Emergency Medical Spanish and traveled to EMS agencies and Fire Departments teaching the program.

In 2004 Marilyn retired and completed a long-awaited move to the Central Highlands of Mexico where she still lives and travels, writes books, articles, and blogs, and volunteers with the local EMS agency on the ambulance, in the clinic, and in the classroom.

While living in Mexico, Marilyn became aware of the need for non-Spanish speaking foreigners to be able to navigate the emergency medical systems and wrote Emergency Medical Spanish for Travelers in order to assist them during medical emergencies while traveling or living in Spanish speaking countries.

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