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  • Laney - The Brookehaven Vampires on March 06, 2011

    Laney Alexandra lives a normal life, in a small cottage town; she lives with her best friend Kiera and has moved out of home away from her Aunts to live her own life. Her first day back at college - she meets Oliver Knight, dreamy, charming, mysterious and incredibly good looking and Laney finds herself mesmerized by him, - his good looks and green eyes draw her in. Laney is in her sophomore year, and this is where her adventures begin. In time, her and Oliver spend time together and fall for each other. Oliver is witty, charming and makes Laney’s heart skip a beat, she is drawn into Oliver’s world. He is not who she thought he was ….. His sister - Goth princess doesn’t like her, his family has secrets she is not so sure about, and his family all seem to be different. Oliver’s brother hates him and is out to make his life hell and life is not at all what it seems. Oliver’s charms and whoos Laney, she falls head over heels for him vice versa there love is magnetic, magical and romantic... Lovey dovey if you may call it . Oliver would do anything for Laney; even die for her in order to protect her – but from whom and what and why? In time discoveries are made and Laney is thrown into a world she didn’t know existed, vampires are real not a fairy tale, werewolves roam the earth and evil exits in minions. Will Laney give up her mortality to be with the one she loves, or will evil get there first and destroy it all? Oliver will stop at nothing to protect Laney from the evil that lurks. Can’t he protect her from himself, and the commitment he is willing to give? Will she be the one to give up her mortality to be with the one she loves? Turns of events change and things become a turmoil will Laney survive long enough to be with the one she loves for ever ? I really enjoyed this book at first I thought it reminded me of Twilight, certain things seemed familiar but in time IT WAS NOTHING like it, references were made I found amusing eg they watched Twilight on there movie night - but Laney has its own storyline and you won’t be disappointed. I was giggling at certain parts, and grinning and this alone was enjoyable when a book can make you feel like this while reading - its done its job !!! Oliver’s character is full of emotion and is very protective of Laney. He does not come across as wanting to eat her, ((aka Twilight) or any normal vampire book or movie he doest not want to devour her just the love he shows her is incredibly romantic and sweet and honestly this melted my heart alone. * SWOON * They are adults in college so this part is realistic in its own way. The love is cute, lustful and very dreamy. Laney knows what she wants and will get it - but at the same time relies upon Oliver to be her protector. The vampire in him does not scare her it excites her, this along is a challenge for Poor Oliver. The characters introduced into the book I really enjoyed - Felix I envisaged ** swoon ** and other characters blended in well with the storyline and were well described- They created the world in which Joanne has made in the Brookhaven Vampires. The chapters flowed smoothly, fluently running from one to the next, the storyline evident and not predictable. The chemistry between Laney and Oliver was explosive, and very realistic. Joanne created he own vampire world, her own myths behind the vampire world. This I found enlightening and different I enjoyed it. Action packed, with romance, thrills and lustful moments, great characters, and plot. The only downfall I could find in this read was grammar errors, but this by no means detered me from liking the book. I am looking forward to book 2 in The Brookhaven Vampires series. :)I look forward to more of Joannes books ;) Brought in e format but will definetly buy the book to shelf it and read again !!
  • Slow Burn (Book 1 of the Fitzgerald Family) on April 19, 2011

    ** spoiler alert ** Demented Arsonist – Talented Artist – Firefighter who wants the truth exposed- will the truth find its way, or will they find themselves buried with it? Ashley Fitzgerald witnessed the death of her parents in a tragic fire on her 15th birthday, for ten years she has blocked all memory of that horrid night. Ashley has chosen to move on with life, paint to her hearts desire, photograph what she loves and deal with the nightmares that hold the truth. Ashley is a successful artist-photographer, living her life with no added complications until one morning her male model turns up at her door and she asks him to strip to his briefs, ready for a session, when he informs her that he is not who she thinks he is. He is indeed the son of the man who died saving her from the fire in Calyle house 10 years prior. Ron Noble. Ron believes the fire may have been deliberately lit; Ashley just wants to move on, she has accepted what has happened. Did someone kill Ashley’s parents? Was the fire set deliberately? Ron wants to expose the truth, and he needs Ashley on his side, to do so. Ron Noble wants to find out what happened that dreaded night. Ashley understands his pain they both lost loved ones, feeling drawn to Ron not only for his charming ways, but feels maybe it is time to find out the truth... Ashley agrees to help Ron, the electricity between them is sizzling, they both feel it, but as secrets are unraveled, mysteries divulged, they find themselves in a whirlwind of turns and twists they could never have imagined. People on the list are getting killed, the toll is getting higher and more is at stake that then could ever have imagined. It’s left up to Ashley to remember details of the accident something that will change her life forever. Wow!!!! I must say this romantic thriller, was filled with twists and turns at every corner. I was intrigued from beginning to end with this read, and at one stage I felt like a crazed reader, flickering through 100 miles per hour just to find out whom, what, where and why!!! A suspenseful thriller- romance that will leave you bewildered, guessing and wandering who the killer was, and why. An unpredictable plot by any means, suspense that will leave you gasping, unexpected events that will bring tears to your eyes; make you fume at events that take place, and also making the plot both intriguing and memorable. Chapters flowed smoothly, the plot was fast paced, and kept the reader interested throughout from beginning to end. I felt not a thing was missed or rushed... Slow burn was filled with luscious sensual love scenes, that not only with have your toes curling, eyelashes fluttering, but your heart racing like a bird in flight. Moments where you will find yourself grinning with amusement at the funny antics between the characters, and moments where you heart is being played like a marionette and scenes where you want to just jump into the book. The main characters were well developed, Ron – was charming and flirtatious, cocky, and hot to trot, a rich businessman, and every womans ideal dream boat - yet also has his own vunerabilites, this showed the reader he was not that perfect hot firefighter- playboy and that he also had issues he had to deal with. Loving and caring and sexy an idealistic hero for all. A tortured soul to a certain extent. Ashley was hot headed and independent, caring and considerate, but also I enjoyed her straight forward character, she liked the truth and believed to give it at all costs. She was passionate about her work and the ones she loved, determined to do what it took to keep the ones she loved out of danger. The blazing attraction between Ron and Ashley was mesmerizing, tantalizing and passionate. Sex scenes were sensual and loving, electrifying- if you make call it, yet at times also dreamy and transient. Their love was portrayed, tastefully and emotionally giving a good insight to their feelings. Both the good and the bad moments. The descriptions in this story were Fluent, expressive and rhythmic well above defined, there is nothing quite like reading a book and being able to envisage scenery, scents and smells. I am one for great descriptions and this book does not disappoint. Secondary characters all blended in well, nothing missed out and even the villains were portrayed as noxious, and demented. Definitely incalculable. Making you dislike the character. The other characters, loyal and faithful, and heartfelt. I enjoyed all the characters in Slow Burn, each and every one unique and necessary for the plot to unwind. Overall, I must say, I had Goosebumps by the end, Held my breath and hoped for the best …. I am a dramatic reader, but you know when you have read a good book when it pulls at your emotions and when the end is done … you sigh! And breathe… I’m sure I held my breath last few chapters.. A capricious read !!!! I’m sure you will enjoy. Look forward to reading more of the Fitzgerald series.
  • The Castaway Bride on Aug. 30, 2011

    Cristy planned the perfect wedding, on a fancy island resort,a gorgeous white wedding gown, and a rich husband to be. She finds herself running from it all – falls into the arms of Matt Slade and asks him to take her away off the island. A runaway bride ! whom is cast away ! Shipwrecked with Hotty, sexy Matt Slade, Cristy finds herself day dreaming – lusting for him, he makes her pulse race, her heart flutter and tingles in places like never before. An attraction she has never felt , Matt brings out a yearning in Cristy she never knew existed. Matt and Cristy explore the island, and eventually give in to desires they both can’t deny, passionate and sensual just living for the moment. Matt is not who is says he is and Cristy not the gold digger Matt thinks she is. A Love affair that brings about a passion and sparks within, but can their love survive outside the Island and moments and memories they have created? Can they learn to trust their feelings – or move on to never know if love ever existed! My Thoughts!! Oh my !! This books reminds me of my most Favorite movie ever *Blue Lagoon *, of course it is not!! But I couldn’t help but relate my thoughts to a beautiful island, waterfalls, seafood at hand, and fresh fruit and nakedness and frolicking in the water. ! Yes it has all this... oh and hot romantic interludes !!! Kandy has created a romantic story, that’s jam packed filled with passion, love, and two souls who have never found true love. A smooth flowing story, with chapters that easily flow, a great cast of characters that I am sure you will fall in love with. Cristy and Matt‘s chemistry was like a bonfire and a raging inferno! Sensual, loving, passionate and hot as hell ! Scorchin !!! I could see Matt walking down the beach is big tat - bare arse and hot bod !! Kandy has no qualms in creating visions for us to ogle and drool over and even moments where I was giggling at Cristy’s antics. Her beach attire - and naivety was amusing, I found myself giggling like a school girl in some parts, the dinosaur, the sharks … Cristi was certainly a fun loving character . A well developed character trait of Cristy’s that Kandy let flow through the entire read. Matt was a jack of all trades, from smoking hot in the bedroom to as sexy in the kitchen! I love a man who is self sufficient! ** wink wink ** Sexy moments, that will make your toes curl, grin sheepishly at their banter, and funny moments that you can’t help but laugh at. This read contains all the goodies for a quick uplifting romance filled with humour, romance and lots of loving !! A hotty we drool over, a great storyline and a happily ever after we all love to see. My first ever story I have read of Kandy’s , it won’t be the last, if your after a quick romance, that will not only have your heart – a – flutter, your toes curling and your pages wafting with heat then this sensual romance is for you !! Im a sucker for a good romance if it fulfills all my wants its a keeper and this one certainly is, at only -99 cents a must buy !! It will make you smile. An island paradise, for two,, what more could any girl want – (( Not to be rescued that’s for sure )) wink wink !!
  • Kiss Me Crazy (book 3 of the Fitzgerald Family) on Oct. 31, 2011

    Ednah Walters’s delivers what every reader wants in a romance story - moments that will not only make your toes bunch and your eyelashes curl but have you waiting in sheer anticipation for the characters just to get it on!!! Kiss Me Crazy is filled with all the delicious goodies one would seek out in a sensual romance. Chemistry that would cause any volcano to blow, and passion that will have your heart fluttering during and after reading. Kiss me Crazy is book three in The Fitzgerald Family series, this story does not hold much suspense as the previous series but rest assured nothing is missing, its filled with romance and passion. For all the readers out there who love a - loveee dovee - sensual romance this is for you.. Its a story about chasing your dreams and doing for yourself what you have neglected in the past and allowing yourself to fall in love... It has twists n turns that will have you wanting to bitch slap one of the characters and moments of relief when the reader gets what they want. A fluent flowing storyline, filled with oodles of goodness, romance, passion, and intriguing story another great addition to the series.. I’m a cover love kind of girl and Ednah's sensual romance series certainly do have great cover love. In book three we meet Kara and Baron Fitzgerald ** inserts wolf whistle here ** he is hot, smart, and oozing sex appeal and Kara has admired him from afar for years. Kara has decided to spread her wings and venture out into her own business and move on, Baron has had his chance and Kara feeling that its a lost cause decides to move on.. This is where the story heats up... Baron now realizes its time after all these years to make his move ! But is it to late for him and kara........ The attraction is magnetic,, passionate and sizzling but a curve ball in thrown at them and love is put on hold... IS the end before the beginning has begun ?? A recomended read for all romantics at heart, who like a little bit of sugar and spice in there stories
  • Mine Until Dawn (book 2 of the Fitzgerald Family) on Nov. 01, 2011

    Jade Fitzgerald has everything she thinks she needs in life. After a failed nasty marriage, struggling with her weight and a bad heart condition she finds her life as a Art Historian complete. Vincent Knight is hot, handsome and mysterious. He has been there done that and has seen things maybe he shouldn’t have in his line of work, but he puts out that air about him that nothing fazes him. Vincent searches Jade out , she is nothing quite like he remembered, after a first brief – slig...moreJade Fitzgerald has everything she thinks she needs in life. After a failed nasty marriage, struggling with her weight and a bad heart condition she finds her life as a Art Historian complete. Vincent Knight is hot, handsome and mysterious. He has been there done that and has seen things maybe he shouldn’t have in his line of work, but he puts out that air about him that nothing fazes him. Vincent searches Jade out , she is nothing quite like he remembered, after a first brief – slightly heated meeting he finds himself drawn to this beautiful woman who not only sends his mind wandering but his loin tingling. Vincent believes that Jade’s mother has stolen the Mayan artifact, and has approached her in need of help. But it’s quiet not what he bargained for. They don’t start off on the right path, Jade remembers the man he was from school and finds him big headed and demanding. Nothing has changed except his hotness is now even hotter!! ** grins ** swoon... No where she wants to go right now, but she also can’t deny the passion and desires that Vincent stirs within her. A rocky road for Jade and Vincent-both trying to avoid the passion and attraction they know they feel and also to find the artifact and move on with the lives they had before the drama. Can they both go their separate ways and deny the chemistry between them? In time Jade is added to the collection of beautiful things the crazy man is after, he not only wants the artifact but Jade by his side. Vince and Jade struggle with their emotions and passion and learn to trust each other to find the artifact and escape the deranged killer. But at what cost? My thoughts  Well I’m a cover love Kinda girl and this cover defiantly sends forth what’s inside the cover ** smokin** Mine Until Dawn is a suspenseful romance filled with curve balls, twists and turns and a rollercoaster ride Im sure that you will cling to the entire ride. Passion between the characters Vince and Jade will not only give you Goosebumps, but having you wandering where you might find a hotty like Vince. The steamy scenes will not only send your toes curling, but have you tingling in all the right places in anticipation and even chewing your bottom lip waiting for Vince and Jade to just get it on !!! Ednah has created undeniable electricity and chemistry between the main characters that does not overtake the storyline, but adds that little added bit of excitement – to the readers benefit. A riveting storyline that is well paced, chapters that flow smoothly with the storyline, no sudden breaks in the story, just a full on ride straight ahead. Vincent will not only ruffle your tail feathers, but have you oggling the cover and maybe even a tinge of Jealously towards Jade... ** he surely is one hotty ** swoon !!! lol. Jade is a slightly tortured soul but ready to move on with life, I enjoyed her character, kind and loving and very strong willed. Mine Until Dawn is filled with a great cast of characters I’m sure that will not only swoon over but have you wanting to kung fu just to help out! Suspenseful scenes that will have you gasping, other scenes you will be shaking in trepidation and sexy scenes that will have you reading briskly ** wink ** Ednah portrays her characters with depth and emotion letting the reader know exactly what’s happening. The dialogue was brusque, clear cut and the suspense and action titillating, the romance sweltering. An ending I’m sure will keep the reader happy and a great second addition to The Fitzgerald Family series. I eagerly await book 3 KISS ME CRAZY!!!!
  • Something About Joe on March 05, 2012

    Something about Joe will leave you sheepishly grinning, your heart aching and your pulse racing. A well balanced romanced filled with love, humour, family, heartache and passion and a place to call home. Allison Bradley is in desperate need of a babysitter, her last sitter, has packed her bags with no notice and taken off. Upon answering her doorbell - Looking upon Allison is a leather - clad Adonis, hot gorgeous and rough looking. Allison is slightly gob smacked buy this hot man at her door step - telling her he is her replacement Nanny. This has sent not only her pulse racing but her libido and thoughts into over drive.... ** waggles eyebrows ** Joe Martin comes with qualifications and recommendations as long as you can name, he is highly recommended by the agency and in a rush for a very important meeting she agrees to let Joe stay the day to care for her son. In time she realizes that Joe weaves Magic with Mitchell and agrees to let him stay on for the trial period. Upon watching Joe with Mitchell, Allison realizes Joe is a fantastic babysitter, hunky and incredibly gorgeous with not only good looks but personality to match and great at his job. His tough looking exterior is just a camouflage to what’s he is really like inside. A readymade family is not in Joe's future, he wants to make it big and have his own family... The passion between Joe and Allison is undeniable... Can the passion and love they feel lead a happily ever after?? My thoughts!! I must say Upon Allison opening that door; within the first chapter I think my heart must have skipped a few beats. I could see Joe standing in the door way - hot, hunky, tall and handsome - and rouuuughhhh looking ... I think I almost fell in love loll... ** I know My heart skipped a beat or two ** My eyes where certainly roaming his body tooo ! ** Kandy has put forth her descriptions vividly - giving the reader great insight as to what the characters looked like and also felt. I read this book in one sitting and at opening the first few pages I was hooked within the story. The dialogue flowed smoothly, the storyline intriguing and chapters all running fluenlty from one till the next. Kandy has woven a wonderfully blended storyline with heartfelt moments, depicting the dire circumstances we often come to in life. Very realistic - A mother working to make ants meat and finding the time to also balance family. The stress and love for a child, and also how people can manipulate you in your times of need. Life is never easy. Family values - shown through, some who have them and some whom don’t. I thoroughly enjoy Kandy's wonderfully written stories, and this is no exception what so ever! The characters draw you into the pages, emotionally. One minute you can be giggling, the next heart broken, and other moments, flicking your reader frantically through the good bits ** waggles eyebrows ** The sexy scenes are sensual and definably thrilling - for all those who like a little steam in there reads, this is ** Sizzling ** ((but very tasteful) The passion Kandy put forth between the characters was steamy, passionate and loving. I enjoyed the tension that she created between the characters - I must say I was also waiting for those sparks to fly!! I completely enjoyed the characters put forth as well. We all have flaws, needs and wants and things we do and dont want in life. Allison was a strong determined mother only wanting what was best for her child - to even go without if necessary.. A package deal - all or none ! Something About Joe is a delightful and heartfelt romance between two unlikely people who complemented each other to perfection. Both from different worlds - like yin and yang - they say opposites attract and this is certainly that! I’d give ** Something about Joe** more than 5 stars if I could and it’s worth more than its listed price of -99 cents!!! You will pick up your reader, have devoured it and realized that hours have gone past - placing your reader down and sighing - ;) in complete content !! Wonderfully delivered, 5 1/2 star ;)
  • Impulse: Infinitus Billionaire on Jan. 30, 2015

    Feast your eyes on this sexy , panty dropping , yet intriguing romance. Impulse is the final installment of the Fitzgerald series and I have to say that This author put it through with a bang and confetti ! Sex on a stick is Mr Lex Fitzgerald! I love this man - he oozes sex appeal. His demeanor is powerful and I have to say he is one of my all time favourite characters in this series. This man will not only have your toes curling but your e reader on fire. Impulse is the Last Fitzgerald book that Ednah will write - but she has left an opening for her new series about a secret society Of Billionaires with one agenda. ** Infinitus Agendum * We will see more of this in the works and I eagerly await to see the stories from Dom, Sloan, Rod, Cade, Nate, Aiden, and Lucien. In Impulse we meet Lex - he is every woman's dream. Handsome with brawn - sexy and certainly fearless. He usually gets want he wants and pursues it will full force and determination. Lex meets Jillian - who is sexy, fearless, sassy, smart , strong and independent. She takes no shit from anyone including pompus Mr Lex Fitzgerald. She tells him what's on her mind and tries to avoid him with all that she has within. But the undeniable force they have is like a magnet ! From the first moment they both lay eyes upon each other the chemistry is zinging and the electricity is buzzing. Jillian tries to avoid Lex - Lex pursues Jilly with a force to be reckoned with. The storyline is well paced, giving the reader depth and definition into the characters. We see other characters from previous books in this one and also as stated we meet a whole group of hotties. ** squeal ** The sex scenes between Lex and Jillian are hot , sizzling and panty dropping. The plot is well delivered and written and the ending MMMMMM don't get me started haha.. Another fantastic installment in the series. Loved this story and eagerly await more installments to come. Sinfully delicious, this enchanting contemporary romance, is sure to delight readers till the very last page.