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  • Whipmaster's Boy on June 08, 2017

    Not for the squeamish, please pay attention to Bruce Rose’s trigger warnings on this kinky read. In fact, Hell Frat is banned on Amazon and iBooks - so, yeah! One of the things I enjoy most about reading this author are the twists and turns his stories take - one truly cannot anticipate anything that he writes, and I really love that. There is always a hopeful, uplifting message in each book so I was curious to find out what it would be for Hell Frat. I won't spoil it for you with the how, but it works out really well in the end! This book is so much fun to read, it is definitely on the darker side of kinky that I've read for a while, by the halfway mark you get: watersports, humiliation play, dub-con, whips, crops, fear play, and a few more things I'm sure I'm just blanking on right now. (Oh yeah, I am forgetting some seriously well done S&M.) Bruce Rose, has such a quirky-fun sense of humor, as evidenced by an ear of corn used as a dildo (which, believe it or not, is actually really hot the way Rose describes it) plus little moments of sweetness pop up out of nowhere. If you like a dark, dirty, kinky story with a touch of humor then Hell Frat is for you. The story flows really well and managed to pull me into the whole thing to where I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. It was totally worth the ride.
  • Long Haul on Sep. 19, 2017

    Whoa, perfection! This was the best book by this author I've read yet - sweet, funny, romantic, hot... literally a smile on my face the whole way through. Really great, creative characters and a terrific plot, the book flowed seamlessly and I couldn't put it down. It could have been 500 pages longer and I still wouldn't have stopped till I finished ;)
  • Monster in the Sack on Oct. 12, 2017

    I never know how he's going to do it, but Bruce Rose always sneaks a little life-affirming message in to his stories somewhere. This one really was sweet, and I couldn't wait to see how Rose would work out a happily ever after for Alexander and Hunter. Bruce Rose's stories are always creative and I'm never sure what's going to happen next, but this one truly had me guessing the whole way through - just when I thought I knew what was coming next, well I couldn't have been more wrong. This was such a fun story to read :) I love how Hunter craves Itch and revels in Alexander, don't we all want a little monster in the sack? (okay, that was seriously corny but it had to be said at some point!) As with all Rose's pairings these two are hot as hell, and as they uncover the truths that money is meaningless without love, and that we need to be accountable for our actions, there are enough silly, funny, sexy moments to make the whole book so much fun to read.
  • Nervous on Nov. 01, 2017

    SM Johnson’s new novel, Nervous: The New Dungeon, has a decidedly different feel to it than the earlier books in the Dungeon series. It’s so different I’m still feeling a bit stunned, like my favorite rock band just released a folk album... it’s not what I expected, but it works and I really like it! Johnson’s creative storytelling, intricate characters, and addictive writing style are all here in Nervous, but there’s a subtlety in this one I hope to see from her again, and soon. While the Dungeon is one of my favorite series, reading my way through the books is an intense experience. These aren’t simple characters, they’re real and flawed and angry and scared. They live in a world that is sometimes cruel and often unfair but they make their way as best they can. Johnson weaves unconventional stories around creative circumstances, and when her characters get together amazing things happen. Nervous is the story of Julian Sparks, a shy and slightly damaged small town guy visiting Manhattan for his job. Immediately drawn to his intimidating boss, Avery Phoenix, the attraction is intense and definitely mutual. The victim of highly critical parents and a host of neuroses, Julian has worked hard to develop coping skills to deal with his issues. He has become incredibly aware of his reactions and emotions, and he analyzes everything through his internal monologue. Told in the first-person, this novel is all about how Julian feels and reacts, and how he copes with what is happening to him. Absolutely brilliant with her characters’ relationships, SM Johnson rises to the occasion with Julian and Avery. The previous Dungeon books move back and forth between the characters giving each of them an opportunity to explain their actions and make amends. Since Nervous is told in the first person, we gradually learn Avery’s story but only as it relates to Julian. I sincerely hope Johnson plans to give us a novel from Avery’s side of things, that would be something to behold. There are several inspiring messages in Nervous which really hit home for me. My favorite is when Avery tells Julian to just be himself and not worry about “bothering” other people. He says, “‘You have to trust people to take care of themselves.’” What a great thing to explain to a young, insecure man who is trying to make peace with his feelings. This book doesn’t go as deep into the details and descriptions of the sexual relationship as the previous novels in this series (though there is an amazing edging scene). The pacing of the physical relationship is crucial for both men and is more about the power exchange than the hot and dirty sex. The intimacy is very natural and progresses as Julian gets more comfortable. Avery helps Julian realize the peace submitting can bring him...what Julian comes to describe as an “‘alternate universe’”. This is one of those books I never wanted to end, and when I finished it I scrolled back and started it again. (After you read it you’ll see why.) I could have easily handled another 200 pages to find out how things progress for this couple and I hope the next book is already in the works. Nervous: The New Dungeon could definitely be read as a standalone, though I truly recommend the whole wonderful series.
  • Daddy on Dec. 30, 2017

    I thought it was a wonderful story, and beautifully written.
  • Subject 19 on Dec. 31, 2017

    Wow, that was amazing and I was so in the mood for something like that. The scope was truly impressive... and it was really put together well. Todd Young always does a beautiful job - his stories just flow so nicely and are so much fun to read.
  • Play on Jan. 08, 2018

    What a scene to start a book!!! There’s no way most of us haven’t had that fantasy… Nothing’s better than when I don't have to wait for a slow build up, the MCs are unapologetically attracted to each other, and they act on it right away. The initial scene between Daniel and “Officer Hot Pants” is hot as hell and establishes so much about their personalities right off the bat. Daniel, just turned twenty-one, seems sweet and kinda shy; while Roca (Officer Hot Pants) is the ultimate hard bodied, authoritarian wet dream. And Bruce Rose writes the best dirty talk! When they meet up again their attraction is as strong as ever, though Daniel doesn’t recognize Roca as the officer from their highway hook-up. This serves to reinforce Roca’s frustration at being objectified as a fantasy, and he wonders where he’ll be on the other side of thirty-eight. And Daniel is disturbed by the idea that he does seem slutty after hooking up with guys so quickly. Both men realize they want more than just hot sex and are longing to feel a connection based on more than physical attraction or fame. They need to find some common ground and to see if they still connect without the physical. As Roca says, he wants to find someone who will, “Accept me for exactly who I am…” I always love the messages Bruce Rose slips into his stories and this is one of the best. The idea a relationship can’t be based on purely superficial attraction, and that no one likes to feel objectified is one that applies to us all. This is a great low-angst story guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face, and possibly the urge to step on the gas the next time you pass through a speed trap.
  • Halloween is Murder on Jan. 08, 2018

    That was fun, very creative. As short as it was Lanyon did a great job with the character development and the plot.
  • Hidden Treasure (A Swishbuckling Tale) on Feb. 20, 2018

    A classic Bruce Rose novel, Hidden Treasure is a unique and captivating story. The swish comes in the form of a young man pretending to be a girl pretending to be a cabin boy… well you’ll have to read it to get the full effect, but I promise this one has all the romance, humor, and hot, kinky sex I love in a Bruce Rose story plus his trademark heartfelt messages that always leave me smiling. In an effort to escape his sleazy stepfather, Darran de Tourmatt, disguised as a young woman, hides aboard a ship which is promptly seized by pirates. Luckily for Darran, Captain Blagden is intrigued by his lovely young captive and decides to keep him. Darran is equally enthralled by the dashing pirate and the sparks begin to fly. These two have the most charming banter, and as they grow more familiar with each other their flirting becomes endearingly romantic. The attraction blooms into passion and while Darran’s kinky side comes out, Blagden shows some real emotion. These two are so sweet together, when Darran tells Blagden, “‘If I had coin to pay you, I fear -- no, I know I would spend every last bit buying kisses from you,’" I absolutely melted. Bruce Rose writes the innocent virgin/experienced older man scenario better than anyone I know, add in the silky panties, and shiver me timbers! There’s a whimsical fantasy component to Hidden Treasure which I didn’t expect and really enjoyed. These events provide both characters the chance to dig deep into themselves; Darran discovers his confidence and determination while Blagden refocuses his priorities and finds he needs love too. These changes ensure when the couple are parted and reunite, it’s as equals. Captain Blagden is a fascinating character and my new favorite book boyfriend. He’s completely comfortable in his own skin, and he views people the way I wish everyone could. Blagden encourages Darran to be himself and do what feels good, that he will accept him however he wants to be. When Darran asks for clarification on which version of himself the Captain prefers, Blagden says, “‘I like you, not your gender,’” and further clarifies, “‘I wish for you to be just as you are.’” What a great message! The romance is sweet and passionate, and the story is creative and exciting; Hidden Treasure is an absolute pleasure and one book I’ll be adding to my favorites shelf
  • Quillon's Covert on Dec. 25, 2018

    I just finished it, and wow... what to say. I was curious to see how the authors could spin this story. I avoided reading more than the cursory blurb about this book knowing how differently this subject could be told. In Brothers LaFon, Part One: Crucial Lessons there is such a fascinating brutality in the brothers' relationship and I love how well JLT does it, I was on pins and needles waiting for something stomach-clenchingly wonderfully horrible to happen. (The suspense was awesome, I've got to say.) The intimate, sexual love between Martin and Marty is done so beautifully and grows so slowly and powerfully that it is almost overwhelming. In the part of the book where Marty is 17 and I was wishing so hard for them to be together I had to put the book away and read something else for a while. I usually don't love multi person POV stories, but these authors pull if off perfectly. While they alternate the chapters between the characters' points of view, there is still a wealth of insight into how the other is feeling throughout. It made me feel connected to each character and I was more invested in seeing how it could all work out to each of their benefit. I especially loved how Martin's character evolves. I can't help my empathy as a reader, regardless of the subject matter, so it's hard to imagine a parent in this situation. The authors do an absolutely amazing job of exploring how a father's love and devotion to his son could evolve to include a sexual relationship and leave me hoping for a HEA. The ending was one of the best parts of the book, describing how each character is able to balance their incredibly intimate relationship and their life outside of it. Yet, I felt a little bittersweet for both of them. I haven't read any thing by Louis Stevens yet and I'm going to get right on that. I am curious to see how his style influenced this book.
  • Lucky Irish on Aug. 02, 2019

    When I saw that one of my all-time favorite authors was releasing a new series (Only For You and Room Service) I snapped them up right away. But it occurred to me, before I started these new ones, I've had Lucky Irish on my tbr shelf for just over a year, and what the heck have I been waiting for??? Classic Bruce Rose, Lucky Irish is a sweet, clever, feel good story with a wonderful message and I enjoyed every single page of it. Both the main characters are just regular guys, no perfect bodies or flawless wit for either of them. And regular guys fall in love and have super hot sex too, right? Right! For my money, nobody writes hot, delicious sex quite like Bruce Rose. Light and playful D/s blended with some very erotic kinks (including one of my all-time favorites, edging) Lucky Irish hits all my buttons. With an interesting and unique storyline, and Bruce’s trademark super hot sex (which works because there’s actually a connection between the characters), I’m so glad I finally gave Lucky Irish a try.
  • Only for You on Aug. 02, 2019

    Very fun! Only For You is a clever and creative short with interesting characters and manties. For those of us who love quick, well written erotica, this one's a winner!
  • Serving Him on Sep. 01, 2019

    How do you take something that starts out so deliciously erotic and turn it into a love story that melts my heart? Well ask Bruce Rose, because he manages to do it to me with every romance novel he writes. The prince of one-handed reads strikes again with Room Service. Bruce Rose combines gorgeous sex scenes with a fantastic story, and what makes this one so special is the connection the characters make. Opposites in every way, Tristan and Cy never expected their hot and dirty hook-up to be anything more than sex. Dropping inhibitions allows these two men to open up to each other on such an intimate level, it’s absolutely beautiful. I can always count on Bruce Rose to make me laugh, plus he always includes some great take-away messages in his stories. Themes like positive self-esteem, showing kindness to our fellow man, and finding the confidence to open up to new experiences are running through this one. Dirty, sweet, funny, and heartwarming, Room Service is absolute perfection.
  • Riding Hard on Oct. 22, 2019

    As I’ve been anxiously awaiting the next release in Bruce Rose’s new series Panty Games, I realized one of his titles lay wasting away on my Kindle! Hard Ride is from 2016 and I have no idea why it escaped my notice till now. Hard Ride is the story of two college age guys who’ve been attracted to each other since the early days of high school and finally hook up. Jordan is deep in the closet, but some recent events have him thinking hard about the choices he’s made. Kent is on the precipice of big changes as well, he just needs to find some self confidence and stand up for himself. I always love to talk about the positive messages Rose imparts into his stories, and Hard Ride is no different. Themes like taking charge and embracing life, making the most out of what we’ve got, and being proud of ones’ self are the foundation of this one. Both characters are at a crux and taking stock, and this camping weekend is what they both need to get started. Definitely vintage Bruce Rose, Hard Ride has some deliciously dark and very erotic BDSM scenes. Rose writes some of the best D/s exchanges I’ve ever read (he’s so creative). But more than just being fun to read, I’m impressed at how Rose explores each character and shows their relationship evolving through these interactions. In addition to the yummy erotica and positive messages, Rose’s writing is so effortlessly charming. He always tucks in some beautifully worded analogies and I can’t help but highlight them to enjoy later. My favorite in Hard Ride is in likening the slow glide of penetration to “the pace of a snail sliding down molasses in January”. Fantastic. I can't help but love the image that brings to mind! 🐌 *smirk*
  • The Beast in the Nothing Room on Feb. 25, 2020

    A clever sci-fi mystery with some of the most tantalizingly dark erotica I’ve read, Kyle Michel Sullivan’s The Beast in the Nothing Room is one wild ride! Between the exceptional opening scene, and the incredible twists and turns this story takes, I recommend you just hang on tight and enjoy. Mr. Sullivan grabbed my attention straight off with his thoroughly appealing writing style. Flowing smoothly from phrase to phrase, it’s eloquent and engaging. The whole story is beautifully structured, and the momentum builds all the way through to a fantastic climax. The only thing that stopped me reading it cover to cover is how freakin’ scary it gets! When Finn, a police detective in rural England, is first abducted and seduced, in what he calls the “nothing-room”, he thinks it must be a dream (or a nightmare). Discovering his experience is real, and that it’s happening to others, Finn vows to get to the bottom of what’s going on and put a stop to it. The sci-fi components of this story are fascinating and I enjoyed watching Finn work through the specifics of what’s happening and why. Between the facts he uncovers, and the folks Finn meets along the way, the powers that drive the events in the nothing-room make an incredible impact on his life. Each and every encounter in the nothing-room is different, and Kyle Michel Sullivan explores a wide range of responses throughout the story. For Finn, this is his first experience with sexual stimulation from a man and his initial encounter is sensual and erotic. As his subsequent trips to the nothing-room grow more violent and frightening, he finds out why some of the men are completely terrorized by the experience. Realizing how much he enjoys being the aggressor, and performing the darker elements of violent sex with dubious consent is a real eye-opener. I didn’t expect to be so moved by some of the emotional moments in The Beast in the Nothing Room. The victims form powerful bonds as they come together and support each other. And following Finn’s tale is intense. Finally reaching the point where he can embrace his desires, Finn reaches a level of self-acceptance he never imagined for himself. It’s a powerful journey. I can’t wait to pick up another book by Kyle Michel Sullivan. This talented author has a wide range of stories, and with writing as fine as in The Beast in the Nothing Room, I can see I’ve got a long list of enjoyable hours to come.
  • Punished by My Brother: A Taboo Mpreg Series on June 06, 2020

    I did it, I dove headfirst into X Collins' Omegaverse universe and I liked it. Curiously addictive, and I needed more right away - had to head back to Smashwords and buy the second episode. Save yourself a buck and buy the whole series bundled together.
  • Incest Slaves Book 1: A Taboo Mpreg Series on July 27, 2020

    This is a good one! Love this universe :)
  • Incest Slaves Book 2: A Taboo Mpreg Series on Aug. 17, 2020

    why did I start this part of the series before it was completed...!?! yes, I've enjoyed every book in this universe - and I definitely recommend them all (in any order), but darn it's hard to wait to find out what happens next. zo Grab them all on Smashwords because they're too *taboo* for 'Zon.
  • Changes Coming Down on Jan. 11, 2021

    Kaje Harper has a way of delving deep inside her characters, and when I reach for one of her novels, I know I’m going to get something very special. In Changes Coming Down Ms. Harper explores three very different men whose unique personalities form the foundation of the story. We learn what motivates each of them, their likes and dislikes, how they react to stress, and what makes them soar. Since the story starts with the three men in a firmly established triad, I appreciate all the scenes of the men interacting one-on-one. Getting to see the dynamic within each couple makes it so much more compelling when they’re all together as a threesome. The characters in Changes Coming Down are each facing major life changing events. Centered around each man’s decision to come out, we see how it impacts their career, their friends and families, plus their relationships with each other. As the story flows through everything these guys are facing, Kaje Harper also builds a clever mystery, plus she treats us to some glorious love scenes... and (bonus) this author writes a mean hockey scene! As a devoted fan of polyamorous romances, it’s no surprise to me that Kaje Harper would do this genre justice. The sequel to Changes Coming Down is due out spring of 2020, and I can’t wait to see where these guys go from here!
  • Hunter - The Complete Novel on Jan. 19, 2021

    On the edge of my seat, truly terrified to read another word, but thoroughly unable to resist turning the page, Kyle Michel Sullivan held me spellbound with Hunter. Mr. Sullivan does suspense spectacularly well, and the pace he maintains while he sets the stage for this thriller is gut-churningly delicious. This novel put me through the wringer, and I’d do it all again tomorrow. If you’re just dipping your toes into kidnapping erotica, fasten your seatbelt and gird your loins, because this is not a romance. The rape scenes are descriptive and darkly erotic, and Kyle Michel Sullivan outdoes himself with the character study of the protagonist. But what really blew my mind, and kept me coming back for more, is the riveting storyline in Hunter. The plot is intricate and complex, and even after reading it through a second time, I’m still trying to unravel some of the finer points of the double-dealing and subterfuge. Layers and layers of deception and deceit, and just when it’s looking bleakest for the hero, there’s a clever twist with a perfectly jaw dropping outcome. There’s no way to do him justice here, but the man known as ‘Hunter’ in this story is completely terrifying. We plunge deep into the way his mind works, how factors in his upbringing and events from his life propelled him into this career. A sociopath with hints of a conscience, and a master manipulator with a smidge of integrity, he’s handsome and charming, and he truly could be the guy next door. Hunter’s been living the high life, but his successful business starts to unravel when he gets greedy and begins satisfying his kidnapping and rape fantasies with regular guys. These victims are not prison inmates, or men involved in any nefarious activities, just regular guys simply walking home one afternoon. Literally, men who happen to be in the wrong place at exactly the right time. The spree comes to a spectacular end, and Hunter is forced by the higher powers to drop everything and relocate. Hunter’s suspicions that there’s way more going on are confirmed when the tables turn and he finds himself in the role of sex slave. Treated to an inside look at the harm he’s done brings an attack of conscience, and Hunter makes an effort to right some of the wrongs he’s committed. Of course, he’s a very clever man, and his plans are in place to ensure he comes out on top. Kyle Michel Sullivan’s writing style is smooth and a pleasure to read, which helps during the most horrific scenes. The length, detail, and brutality of the sex scenes is not for the faint of heart, and the extra stories included at the end of Hunter are even more macabre. Hunter is my second book by Kyle Michel Sullivan and I’m hooked. I’ve purchased all of his novels and I’m looking forward to reading them. I’m especially intrigued to explore his earlier work, which the author himself describes as “sunshine and light”. Maybe once I’ve exhausted my stash of his darker stuff, I’ll take the plunge.
  • Henry the HuCow: A Gay Lactation Fantasy on Feb. 21, 2021

    Endlessly clever, dependably kinky, surprisingly charming, and thoroughly Raissa, Henry the HuCow thrives on two levels. If you want a spicy taste of this deliciously naughty fantasy, you're safe skating the surface of this one. If you're willing to delve a smidge deeper, and watch how that rake Nathan grooms Henry... well it's a horse of a different color (so to speak). I've got my fingers crossed we might get Nathan's story next, and my mind's wide open to all the possibilities of what R. Phoenix might dream up next. Moo
  • Revelations on Nov. 12, 2021

    Whoa, heartwrenching and simply gorgeous. Revelations is aptly named, and I'm stunned by how marvelous this book is. If you've read Gilli's story, there's no doubt you've fallen in love with this young man, and Revelations will break your heart - so have tissues at the ready! I spent a great portion of this book in tears, but it is 100% worth every last one. Please join me in my prayer that this is not the last we've heard from our dear houseboy.
  • Daddy Valenswines on Dec. 13, 2021

    Short and bittersweet, I recommend reading Revelations first.
  • The Remaking of Corbin Wale on Dec. 23, 2021

    Roan Parrish brings her A-game with The Remaking of Corbin Wale. An absolutely stunning novel, the prose is fluid and expressive, the characters are complex, and a positive message of hope is woven throughout. This one is so magical it gave me tingles and I was wishing it would never end. Everything in Alex’s life has fallen apart so he moves back to his hometown to open his dream bakery and hopefully get a fresh start. From the moment Corbin steps into his shop all Alex can think about is seeing him again. He obsesses over every connection they make and longs for more. Parrish does a great job of building Alex’s desire for Corbin with anticipation that is just wonderful. The sections of the novel told from Corbin’s point-of-view allow us to learn more about him. Used to being shunned by the people in town, Corbin has created his own world. His imaginary friends have become real to him and he illustrates their stories in his special notebook. Corbin is very attracted to Alex but has been told his whole life that he is cursed, if he lets someone into his life they will die, so Corbin has resigned himself to never finding love. The attraction between these two is clear from the start and builds steadily over the course of the novel. The Remaking of Corbin Wale is the best kind of slow-burn romance, leisurely and steamy with very little angst. The anticipation I felt for these two to get together paled in comparison to the sparks that flew when they finally did! The first time Alex and Corbin go to bed together has got to be one of the most erotic scenes I’ve ever read, and is made even more so thanks to the painstaking build-up. There’s so much more to Corbin’s life that I’d love to know about: How did he survive after his aunts died? What’s the story surrounding their deaths? Give me more details about this curse he lives under! And I could read a whole novel just about the characters Corbin creates…Parrish is leaving us space to wonder and interpret and relate to our own experiences. The Remaking of Corbin Wale is a hard story to get out of my mind. I was transfixed by the beautiful, hypnotic quality of Parrish’s words. I loved the magical, mystical concepts of fate and chance and creating hope for the future. I’ll be so glad if this is the first book in a new series, and we don’t have to wait long for the next one!
  • A Good, Old-Fashioned Chanukah Pegging on Dec. 23, 2021

    I haven't read Small Change, but that didn't stop me enjoying A Good, Old-Fashioned Chanukah Pegging! Esp funny because it's from the guy's point of view, this is a great little story. Yep, I've added the series to my tbr shelf.
  • Daddy's Little Helper on Feb. 17, 2022

    Okay, now I'm dying to know the details of His Brother's Brat! Going to have to read that one next. This is a darn tough story to sell, and T.M. Chris does about as well as it is possible to do with Geordie's tale. Quick, sweet, and yep, it works.
  • The Choice on May 21, 2022

    smoking hot! A perfect Barbara Elsborg fantasy romance, with a terrific twist at the end.
  • The Gift on June 07, 2022

    What a fun and quirky romance. An excellent gift indeed... and thankfully for Kat, her Ken Doll was not smooth in front! I've got no idea how Barbara Elsborg does it, but she always comes up with creative and unique stories, and then throws in an extra twist or two for good measure. What a wonderful short story.
  • Always Oskar: Sinful Delights #1 on June 22, 2022

    Whoa! I'm impressed. This is one beautifully written taboo romance. In my humble opinion, it's hard to make incest work believably (though I keep on reading it anyway). But Odessa Hywell completely kills Always Oskar! I'm zooming straight back to Smashwords to purchase the next book in the series.
  • Mind Controlling the Haughty Mage on March 10, 2023

    Very enjoyable - already bought the rest of the series.
  • Finn's Fantasy (Maine Men Book 1) on May 16, 2023

    K.C. Wells kicks off her Maine Men series with Finn’s Fantasy. Following a group of high school friends, the buddies appear in each other’s novels, and I’m looking forward to getting each of their stories. I love a May/December romance, and Joel and Finn are exquisite! Joel is recently divorced, and K.C. Wells has devised a wonderful backstory for him. Parting amicably from his ex-wife, both she and their children play a role in the story. It’s lovely to see him dipping his toe into the welcoming bisexual waters of the 2020’s. Finn is adorable. Plus he’s so uninhibited in the bedroom, it draws the best reactions from Joel and the two of them are smoking hot! We all know K.C. Wells writes gorgeous erotica, and this is some of her best. The story is filled with supportive friends and family, stunningly sensual sex scenes, and all the best kinds of feels. Bring on Maine Men #2!
  • Too Close to Change on July 15, 2023

    I've been loving Kevin and Jeremy's story since the beginning and I'll happily keep on reading these as long as M.A. Innes keeps writing them. The bonus of continuing Bryan and Maddox's story as well, and blending the friendships together has been really special. I'm super happy about the prospect of more developing within the pairs as well! The sleepover / camping event is marvelous too, with some lovely cameos :). Marvelous!