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Smashwords book reviews by Pat Nelson

  • Demonadine on July 02, 2016

    What a wicked book! I absolutely love this unique and original love story. Definitely gives new mean to the phrase "Heaven and Hell."
  • Slave to The Vampire King on July 02, 2016

    HOLY CRAP!! This fantastic book is richly detailed, highly erotic, compelling, and intriguing. I loved it, and if you want something that's DEFINITELY not your "same old, same old" boring story, get your hands on this one FAST!
  • The Club: Andy & Josh on Aug. 09, 2016

    What can I say? This story may be short but it's packed with sexy goodness.
  • The Club 2: Ronnie & Ted on Aug. 21, 2016

    Sexy tale about what you think you see isn't always true.
  • Once Upon A Time series Book 1 Goldie's Bears on Aug. 21, 2016

    The fairytale gets a modern and VERY sexy makeover.
  • Just Between Friends on Aug. 21, 2016

    Now this was one kinky sexy way to drown your sorrows!!
  • Bobby's Mom book 1: Micheal on Aug. 21, 2016

    This sexy tale gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Hot momma!"
  • Family Style on Aug. 21, 2016

    I loved how this story gave a sexy twist to the phrase "brotherly and sisterly love."
  • From Violence To Victory Book 1 Katy's Story on Aug. 21, 2016

    WHEW! Katy's knight in shining armor was more like a handsome prince, and, boy, is he equipped for the job!
  • King's Ransom on Sep. 01, 2016

    This book has got to be one of the funniest and fascinating books I've ever read. The author has blown the legend of Robin Hood completely out of the water, and totally rewrote it into a unique story that had me laughing through the entire book!! If you want to read a zany and hilariously different take on an old tale, this is it!!