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  • Earth on May 26, 2011
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    This was not a good for a self pubbed book… This was a great book period. Right from the first page I lost myself in the story, and more than that, the characters. I cannot stress enough, even the writers I beta for, how important it is to write your teen characters’ dialogue authentically. I spend my days listening to my son and his friends talk, and this story was like being in the same room as real life teens. The writing was clean and clear, and flowed perfectly. I didn’t pause once and think a sentence could have been written better. And that’s a difficult thing for me not to do lol. I loved Shayna. She was just a straight up awesome girl. I liked that she and her friends came into the story knowing of their abilities and powers. It gave the story a deeper plot as they had to figure other things out, just not about themselves. I enjoyed the youthful voice of the novel. I laughed out loud so many times as the characters bantered. It was refreshing. My only issue was there wasn’t enough of Jensen, the lead guy. He was a cool, amazing character, and I just simply wanted him to have more ‘screen’ time. Although, scenes like the one of him and Shayna in the restaurant added so much depth to their relationship. The time they did spend together I felt was enhanced by him not being in every scene. And I loved the way they talked to each other. Although Shayna was very attracted to Jensen, she didn’t let that rule her actions. She thought for herself and questions things about him. I liked this very much. Overall, this was a well-crafted YA with a fresh, unique voice and wonderful characters. I could have used a smidge more romance, but the tension and the implied ‘this isn’t over’ there at the end, is enough to make me want to suck down the next book in hopes that I get a little steamy ;) The plot was strong, and it was a great mystery. I recommend this to anyone who likes Wiccan, witchcraft, or Paranormal novels, and is looking for something with great voice and refreshingly authentic characters in YA. Awesome read!