Troy Harkin


Currently writing the novel, Lost God
Red Rover, novel
The Good Man, novel
Aurora Writer's Group member
Soundtrack, original teleplay pilot
Runner-up in Ad Astra's 2007 Sci-Fi Idol contest
Soundtrack, non-fiction
Published numerous essays, poems and stories in the literary journals ACTA Victoriana,
The Apostle’s Bar, SinOverTan, Hart House Review, U.C. Review,
Draft and 1990 - 2013
Wrote six Feature-Length screenplays including, two fact-based docudramas. 1998 - 2004
Editorial Board member, ACTA Victoriana (1992 - 1993)
Wrote and directed Non Sequitur, play
Funeral Pants, novel

Smashwords Interview

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I must say that I feel like I'm always writing. When I'm not actively at the Mac pounding out my 2,000 words a day, I'm jotting down story ideas, bits of dialogue, anything that might act as a springboard to a new project. When the good weather comes I do like to get out as much as possible. I love off-road biking - it's a great way to let ideas flow, and a great time to allow ideas to be beamed to you from the muse. I'm also a huge baseball fan so getting out and taking in a game is a passion of mine.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first time that I can recall sitting down with the intention of writing was in grade eight. My mother was an office manager and she had an electric Smith-Corona at home so she could finish work on the weekends if need be. This of course was before the advent of laptops and home computers. I remember having an idea for a sports thriller about an assassination attempt at the Grey Cup game (the Super Bowl of Canadian football). I decided I was going to sit down and write a book. It ended up being much closer to a novella, probably about 40 type-written pages, but I did it.

I've always thought that - although this wasn't writing in the truest sense - playing with G.I. Joes as a child was definitely a form a story telling. There was dialogue, conflict and resolution. Sometimes when I'm experiencing a particularly rewarding writing session I can feel the same synapses firing, the same sense of satisfying engagement that I had while playing make believe with Big Jim, G.I. Joe and the gang.
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Troy Harkin reading at ChiSeries Toronto
Writer Troy Harkin reading at the CZP ChiSeries Humour Night at the Augusta House in Toronto on April 10, 2013.

Mon-santo, A Canticle by Troy Harkin
Canadian writer Troy Harkin's 2013 poem & video, Mon-santo, A Canticle. Feel free to explore local organic food options at your farmers markets. Ask where you can buy heritage seeds, and non-GMO foods,

Troy Harkin on CIUT's Invoking The Muse
In early 1992 writer Troy Harkin was a guest on Matthew Remski's poetry program, Invoking the Muse. This is an excerpt of the fifteen minute spot that aired on CIUT-FM. Featured are the poems, Home Sheep, Bob's Dog Bob, Past Oral and Bliss. Remski is the author of Dying for Veronica and the Threads of Yoga.

Video of the poem, THIS IS A POEM, written and directed by Troy Harkin.


Funeral Pants
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 37,190. Language: English. Published: March 17, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Horror » General
Stephen is experiencing strange dreams. They are telling him that his name is actually Funeral Pants and that he will soon have to confront the Anti-Christ. Fortunately for Stephen, four others are having recurring dreams about him and come to the aid of this reluctant hero.

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