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VEENSTRA PUBLISHING is the Publishing company which publishes works by author Troy Veenstra, and other West Michigan resident in genre's as: True Fiction, Historical Fiction, Essay, Legal Essay, Medical, Satire, Horror, True Crime, Extreme Gore as well as in fiction and Non-fiction. Our sister site, EXPLOITED PUBLISHING caters to the erotic side of the fiction, non-fiction genre.



Our sister site, publishes adult works by Tia Rain, Lord Koga, as well as future authors such as Shayla Ayers making her debut as an erotic novelist in 2015.

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Prepare to be Exploited

The Murder of Jeffrey Dryden: The Grim Truth Surrounding Male Domestic Abuse
At 2:45 am on the humid summer morning of July 18, 2010 Jeffrey Dryden, a 28 year-old male returned home after hanging out with his twin brother. In the moments that followed, evidence indicates that his live-in 21 year-old girlfriend stabbed Jeff in the neck as he attempted to flee from her after an altercation erupted over her cell phone.

Beyond Their Control: Erotic Tales of Cheating Wives
They’re hot, insatiable and married. And they want their cream freshly squeezed!

Titanic Echo of the Dying Confession Book Trailer
Echo of the Dying Confession Book Trailer

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  • That One Night in Vegas on Aug. 14, 2010

    Fairly Good, Some grammatical issues on page six, "Everything little thing she did turned me on," and a few other places but it has great flow, style, and description to it. Though the grammar can take away from some of the story flow, i found this story to be a good read, and not too much of a distraction to the storyline as other similar stories have been in the same category. Definitely worth paying for if it weren't free.
  • A Halloween Story on Oct. 18, 2012

    Needs some editing, otherwise fairly good, not scary at all, think I could easily read this to my four year old niece and she wouldn't be scared. That said its true form with the holiday. The one thing that got to me a lot was the "says," being used. the errors distracted from the story telling.
  • America's Gestapo, the FBI on Jan. 01, 2013

    Found this book, if you can call it that, more of a rambling as well, seems the author has some issues with lawyers. Not to mention he skips from one tangent to another without any warning making it hard to read and keep up with the rambling man in the first place.
  • The Sucking Boarder on Feb. 09, 2017

    very short, missing some words in sentences. Overall decent for what it is and the seventy-five year old that wrote it