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  • Shadow Cat - The Striped Ones: Book 1 (Shapeshifter Romance) on Feb. 21, 2011

    Reena Jacobs gives us a different storyline, the story takes place in the beautifully described country of Malaysia. Eric the CEO of his pharmaceutical company as to travel to the country to try and save the research his company botched. At the same time he is avoiding his girlfriend and the pressures of getting married. He feels that this trip can be a vacation. Little does he know that's the last thing he will have. Eric meets Berani and that when things get more complicated. Berani is a tiger you can say. She is also the Shaman in her tribe. She ends of injuring Eric and has to cure him since his injury becomes infected. All this without speaking a work that they understand to one another. What will happen while Berani has Eric under her care, Read to find out. My downside o this novel is how long it too me to get into the storyline and understand where it was going. It is a unique read and its very erotic, so this is definitely for the adult readers of my blog.