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  • Paradox on May 01, 2012

    Wow, excellent book. This guy knows how to write. I don’t know much about particle physic and science and all of that, but I appreciated how this guy explained it all out as if Jon and me were one in the same. I think I even know this Jon guy. He sounds like one of the guys on my floor. Anyway I can’t even think of how I would have reacted in his shoes. Probably the same. This was like a true life story of a college kid like myself getting caught up in all sorts of craziness. I think after a while I just stopped trying to guess where the story was going to go and let it surprise me. Great book!
  • Project Utopia on April 08, 2013

    Great novel, Ryan. Are you writing a sequel? The cliffhanging at the end is so great it'd be a shame not to write one. Scary that all this stuff could really happen. I'll check out that Michael Criton book too!