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Smashwords book reviews by Ummul

  • Inklings on May 05, 2011

    Some stories are best when left to the reader's understanding & imagination and Inklings does full justice in doing so. I loved the encrypted writing approach and a precisely small push to the reader's mind towards the end of the story. The book creates more interest towards the latter half with most of the stories being my favourite, a special mention for revolt of coconut trees, so what, cheeky, always, greenie and crash and die. "So what" describes not just being human but feeling human in today's cluttered world. "Cheeky", simple unexplained desires couldn't have been put across in a better way...very refreshing! "Always", for me is the best written with just a short sentence that lets the reader imagine & feel everything left unsaid... "Greenie" brings back some commonly shared memories of course, and is full of innocence that we all can relate to and be nostalgic about... "Crash and die" - loved the detailed description and definitely the tense used for the mood to be created... Literally put, "SHORT AND SWEET!"