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  • Son and Woman, A Short Story on March 15, 2013

    Robin Wyatt Dunn has achieved something truthful in his new short story, "Son and Woman." Though the tale is exactly what the author claims, "In ancient times, a warrior leads his family on an adventure of survival," but there are deeper emotions to this story that span every generation, every civilization, and that is simply a man trying to keep his family together. After reading "Son and Woman" twice I felt as though this story was told as an allegory for anyone who has had to uproot their entire life; wife, children, job, friends, only to have to recreate that world. That task isn't always easy though. The stress of building that life causes the scale to tip back and forth as you balance family, money, comradely, love, and success. Overall, "Son and Woman," is a great read for all who need reminding of the strength it takes to live and to let live, and reminds us, even though the new world is upon us, to never forget where we came from and what we brought from there.