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  • Stitch (Stitch Trilogy, Book 1) on Aug. 01, 2012

    When I heard "paranormal romance" and "dystopian sci-fi" I must say I was pretty skeptical, but the author manages to blend these unlike genres with ease, making for a really enjoyable reading experience. I'm typically a very slow reader but this book flows very naturally and definitely makes you want to keep turning the page. I thought the characters and settings were very detailed and well described, so I found I had a vivid picture in my mind of what was going on the whole time. I loved how realistic and down to earth the characters were as it made it extremely easy to relate to them and feel a kind of emotional connection. The plot is complex but well thought out - if I had one complaint it was how much my head spun about 2/3 of the way in. With all the twists and turns in this one, I'm really looking forward to seeing where the rest of the trilogy goes.