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The idea of “Destiny Park” arrived in the person of a jogger. While jogging on one of Memphis’ Shelby Farms nature paths, I spied her up ahead. On that beautiful spring day, she’d stopped and faced a nearby lake. She appeared to be deep in thought. Zing! The idea flashed me. What if I wrote about a beautiful Jazz-Age musician, who’d been sent on a mission (by an anonymous character) to the 21st century, a mission she was rather irked with.

Shelby Farms is one of my and my wife’s favorite places to bike, hike, and jog. So, naturally part of the story takes place there and in the Memphis area. Other locales are Chicago and New York City.

A novel’s journey from conception to completion has been, as most authors will attest, an arduous, but grand experience.—If I can live through one more edit and not take a long walk off a short pier, I may, just may, finish this in my life time.
Filming scenes, from the book for a trailer and film short, was a blast. To see one’s words acted out was most satisfying indeed. The longish film short is in final production. Once finished, it will be entered in numerous Indie film festivals. The purpose of the aforesaid films is, of course, to market "Destiny Park."

The actors and cinematographers were a joy to work with. Kudos, especially to my talented friend Kelsey Carson. For nearly an entire year she stood faithful to the film project, even when it appeared it’d never be completed. There had been a problem of filling the other roles. Forrest Pruett’s Indie Acting Studio would become an answer to prayer. There I discovered Morgan Taylor and Kristen Adair who also perform marvelously.

I’ve been writing for a number of years. One source of invaluable information has been “Writer’s Digest,” a magnificent compendium of knowledge. I’ve two other completed novels that I’m currently editing, as well as a novelette, and two novellas. The three novels began roughly about the same time, in 2007.

A boon to my spirits, during those laborious days, has been first off my loving wife Nancy. She’s always believed in me. Next, has been Memphis’ Red Hot Lindy Hop, they’ve been a part of my extended family for more than 6 years. The joy of dancing and their friendship has been memorable. They were and are a delightful source of happiness, especially during the years of being my brother’s caretaker.

It is my fond hope that my fellow dance members and the wonderful world out there will thoroughly enjoy the trip that awaits them in “Destiny Park.”

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Destiny Park: Where Past & Future Collide
Price: $4.99 USD. Words: 93,000. Language: English. Published: July 21, 2018. Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Adventure
As a former WWI ambulance driver, Rachelle Dalcassain, is no foreigner to death and danger. However, her high-society world is upturned when she’s put upon to do the impossible and a most irksome task: kidnap twenty-something, Henry Pryce, a most loathsome 21st century man and spirit him back to her world, 1920's Chicago. There, she hopes to bring order to his chaotic life.

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